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Mac Accounting Software Market Report examines the short and medium term economic outlook and profitability for the Mac Accounting Software industry. The Mac Accounting Software market accounted for $ XX million in 2018 and is expected to reach $ XX million by 2024, with a...

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Former Google Software Engineer claims YouTube clears dislikes for Biden Video

Zach Vorhies, former senior software engineer at Google and YouTube, now a self-proclaimed whistleblower, has started his own investigation into the disappearing dislikes for a Joe Biden video. The 'dislike' or thumbs down icon displays the video with 1.9K likes and 11,000 'dislikes', while the same video shows 2.4K likes versus ... .

How SBI will benefit from multi-vendor ATM software

State Bank of India (SBI), India's largest public sector bank, has moved its entire ATM network to a Multi-vendor Software (MVS) solution implemented by CMS Info Systems (CMS), India's leading Payment Solutions Company . This is a 7 year contract that is more than worth it 500 crore for CMS. The unique solution was tailor-made for SBI and now runs successfully on the 40,000 ATM network.The multi-vendor Software (MVS) solution helps the bank centralize their ATM channel management into one central command control that can be used to improve the customer experience and ensure the network has the latest security…

Market size of call recording software 2021

Request download sample Ask for a discount Company Profile New Jersey, United States, - The latest market research report entitled "Call Recording Software MarketSystematically compiled key components of Call Recording Software market research. The report provides an in-depth study of the Call Recording Software market and highlights the latest growth trends and dynamics of the Call Recording Software market. The report is intended to assist readers in an accurate assessment of the current and future market scenarios for Call Recording Software. Industry Call Recording Software expects significant growth over the forecast period and shows a robust CAGR. According to the…

Bahwan CyberTek has partnered with Sonatype to mitigate security vulnerabilities in open source software

Open source components used in applications contain several known security vulnerabilities, often putting the entire development process and resulting applications at high risk. Sonatype's platform, powered by Nexus Intelligence, a machine learning engine that analyzes millions of open source components and provides continuous intelligence to automate and improve application security, will enable BCT to better protect its customers from this growing risk. This is done by securing the perimeter at every stage and continuously monitoring for new risks, based on the organization's open source policy. This partnership is timely, as BCT is aggressively expanding its digital transformation capabilities. It enables…

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