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North Carolina could face significant increases in flood insurance rates

On her journey down Bald Eagle Lane in Porters Neck, Chrissy Johnson paused her face and looked out over the Intracoastal Waterway."I really don't think much about flood insurance," she said, noting that the few hundred dollars she paid for her home on one of the tidal creeks in New Hanover County didn't seem like too much. "At least it's not like our wind and hail insurance."That may change.Faced with a program drowning in debt, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plans to release it National flood insurance program (NFIP). Under the agency's plan, the government program, which is the…

USGA partners with Sentry Insurance to support recreational golf

The multi-year agreement establishes Sentry as the USGA's official insurance partner and further solidifies Sentry's long-term commitment to the game of golf, which first came to life through SentryWorld, the company's golf and recreation complex built in the early 1980s to serve its home. community. Through golf and the conversations that take place on the golf course, the Stevens Point, Wis., mutual insurer continues to forge long-lasting business relationships and closer friendships with customers throughout the game. The company will become the sixth business partner in the USGA's global program, which is designed to use the power of business leadership…

Global SME Insurance Market 2020 Product Launch, Recent Developments, Competitive Landscape and Dynamics by 2025 – NeighborWebSJ

Global SME Insurance Market 2020 by Company, Region, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 published by describes market launch, product description, market overview and rigorous analysis of the market in the forecast period from 2020 to 2025. The report covers the essential aspects of the global SME insurance market, such as historical and forecast market data, market size (value and volume), share (value and volume), supply-demand analysis, value chain analysis and market opportunities. The report explains business plans and approaches, consumption, recent changes by competitors and possible investment disruptions. The research study seeks to help readers with an in-depth…

ALL: Allstate vs. Lemonade: Which Insurance Stock Is a Better Buy?

Investing in insurance stocks is a good strategy for long-term gains as the industry has proven to be strong and anti-vulnerable even in the midst of the global crisis and healthcare uncertainty. Insurance companies primarily make money by selling insurance policies and bringing in more money in the form of premiums than they pay out as claims, the so-called underwriting profit. They also earn by investing the premiums before it is paid out for claims, called the float. The historically low interest rate environment left the bond market unattractive last year, severely impacting insurance companies legally required to bear safe…

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