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Insurance Journal’s Most Outstanding Topics of 2020: Southeast Region

It has been another busy year for the Southeast region - from the troubled Florida property insurance market to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was plenty of news to follow.Some of the main insurance topics this year were: Florida, Florida, Florida The Florida real estate insurance market was a rollercoaster ride this year, and the readers of Insurance Journal were all there, as stories about the Florida insurance market dominated the headlines. While the state was lucky enough to avoid a major hurricane in 2020, it still dealt with many issues from past storms and outrageous litigation. The year started with…

Chubb launches MY Smart Car Insurance for low mileage drivers in Malaysia

Chubb today announced the launch of MY Smart Car insurance, a flexible yet comprehensive mileage-based auto insurance policy tailored specifically for low mileage drivers in Malaysia.With the rapid development of the country's public transportation system and the increasing number of people working from home, MY Smart Car Insurance is designed to help those who don't use their car often save more on their car insurance. MY Smart Car Insurance rewards those who drive less with a premium savings of approximately RM300 per year (based on the scenario illustrated in the table below), while enjoying comprehensive coverage.Table 1: The figure above…

Virginia auto insurance rates set to soar after the bill passes the house

Today, the Virginia House of Delegates passed Senator Scott Surovell's legislation to increase Virginia's minimum funding limits. SB 1182 has now disappeared from the Senate and the House of Representatives. The legislation is waiting for Governor Ralph Northam's signature to become law. Virginia's minimum coverage limits haven't changed since Surovell was 4 years old in 1975. They are the lowest insurance level required to drive a car. "This update to the current minimum limits has been a long time coming, given the rise in health care costs, wages and car values ​​over the past 45 years," said Surovell. “The state…

Cheapest Car Insurance in Vermont 2021 | Bank interest

Vermont has done it 500,000 licensed drivers, and any resident with a vehicle registered in the state must have auto insurance. Because Vermont is a smaller state with a below-average population density, auto insurance is cheaper. The average driver in Vermont pays $ 975 per year for full-coverage auto insurance and $ 256 per year for minimum-coverage auto insurance. The cheapest car insurance in VermontAuto insurance in Vermont is cheaper than the average premium in the United States. However, each insurance company has a different rate. The table below lists the cheapest car insurance in Vermont of the most popular…

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