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If you've taken the time to research the car insurance card that you are required by law to have with you, you may have noticed your car insurance numbers. This is a series of numbers separated by backslashes. Yours might look like this: 25/50/25. You...
A number of factors affect your car insurance, including your driving history, age and vehicle type. However, there is another variable that may affect her more than any other, and that's where you live. Car insurance rates by state vary considerably, often by hundreds or...

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Sending your kids to college can be nerve-wracking, especially in these uncertain times. You can of course lecture your kids about what to do to stay safe, but that advice can go in one ear and out the other. Fortunately, there is one thing you can do to get an extra level of protection. You can make sure you have adequate insurance when they go to school. This won't stop them from doing something reckless, but it can protect your finances from any consequences. You can also make it a financial lesson for your kids by asking them to help…

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