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When you're in debt in collections, your credit score suffers and new financing options are limited. In addition, you are likely to receive continuous calls and letters from debt collection agencies, adding stress to your daily life. Instead of growing your financial troubles, you can...

(***)What Is Consolidation Of Debt

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6 Ways PPP Loans Have Got Easier – Forbes Adviser

Editor's Note: Forbes may earn a commission on sales through affiliate links on this page, but that will not affect the opinions or evaluations of our editors. Paycheck Protection Program funds will reopen to all PPP lenders next week, and with this latest round, another new version of the guidelines will come to clarify a program that has proven anything but clear to small business owners. There are some notable changes to the program first approved by Congress last spring to help small businesses cope during the coronavirus pandemic. For example, companies can now look for a second loan. But…

More than half of young Scots in debt lose their sleep because of their personal finances

A new poll has found that more than half (55%) of young adults in Scotland lose sleep due to worry personal finances with nearly 60 percent disclosing it negatively affects them mental health The investigation, conducted by Savanta ComRes and commissioned by the national debt organization, Christians against poverty (CAP) Scotland, wants to shed light on the debt landscape across the country and urge those in debt to seek immediate help. The poll, which polled more than 1,000 Scots, also concluded that more than half (54%) of people aged 16-34 did not know where to go. access to free debt…

How to meet your commitment to pay off debt in 2021

When you have high-interest consumer debt, it can sound overwhelming to take control of your money in the new year.Most Americans say the COVID-19 outbreak has caused financial stress, according to a study published in October by the National Endowment for Financial Education, with 30% listing debt as their top stressor.Despite the pandemic, you can still pay off your debt with the right plan. Here's how.FIGHT WITH YOUR DEBTThe first step is easy, but it can be the hardest: you have to face the problem.Angela Moore, a Miami-based certified financial planner and founder of Modern Money Advisor, which provides virtual…

Best Emergency Personal Loans 2021

Founded in 2012 and based in Chicago, Avant is a consumer lending platform that offers secured and unsecured personal loans through an outside bank (WebBank). Unsecured loans are available in Washington, DC and every state except Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, and South Carolina. The platform specializes in middle income borrowers with fair to good credit and only requires a minimum score of 580 to qualify, so it's an accessible option if you have less than great credit but need cash quickly.Avant applicants who are approved for an unsecured loan before 4:30 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday can receive their money…

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