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10 Things You Can Do Right Now When You Have a 500 Credit Score

Andrew Rich / Getty ImagesA bad credit score can be harmful - and demoralizing - especially if you are applying for a mortgage or a new car loan. FICO credit scores range from 300 to 850 - and the higher the score, the less risk involved in lending you money or credit. Events such as missed payments, foreclosure, and bankruptcy all lead to a bad credit score. A FICO score or any other credit score of 500 or below is considered very poor. The good news is that regardless of the reason for your low numbers, there are things you…

Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card 2020 Review

Earning rewards The Rakuten Visa Card offers a $ 10 welcome bonus after your first purchase, so you are clearly not getting this card to earn the bonus. When opening the account, you will be asked to sign up for a Rakuten account or link an existing account. At that point, if you choose to earn Membership Rewards points, you link an existing American Express card. Points are transferred to the American Express Membership Rewards account you select four times a year. Alternatively, you cannot do anything extra when signing up and the rewards will go to your Rakuten account.…

Credit Union innovations must reflect demand

Parts Tweet Parts Parts Parts E-mailWho would have believed it? Credit unions (CUs), often thought to be behind the digital transformation curve, actually got ahead of it. All that work means good things to CUs and their members, with one caveat: CUs may have painted themselves in a corner.The PYMNTS February 2021 Credit Union Innovation Study, a PSCU collaboration, makes the somewhat surprising discovery that “mobile innovations, while useful, are so ubiquitous among credit unions that many CU members no longer see them as innovative at all. Only 23 percent of CU members say they would like their CUs to…

Credit Karma Tax vs TurboTax: This is how the tax filing services compare to price, ease of use, and refunds

TurboTax connects users with real human experts to answer tough tax questions. Credit to Intuit TurboTax has been the market leader for many years when it comes to filing your taxes yourself through your computer. Just a few years ago Credit Karma Tax emerged as a free competitor. Besides competitors H&R block and TaxAct, these four tax software packages account for the vast majority of do-it-yourself archiving.This year I kicked the tires on both Credit Karma Tax and TurboTax with my own taxes to see which one worked better and which one I should use to file.I am happy to…

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