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Tips for Paying Off Credit Cards and Other Debts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A particular crisis has led to extraordinary emergency relief options for borrowers. Interest and payments are on hold for federal student loans. Homeowners can request a deferment of payment for almost a year. Credit card issuers and other lenders have drastically expanded hardship programs.Still, many Americans say they got into more debt last year because of the pandemic, according to NerdWallet's Household Debt Survey.If you are one of them, or if you have another household debt that has been delayed, you may not want to rush to pay that money back, even if you can. The COVID-19 crisis and its…

Credit utilization is the lowest since 2009 – this is how much the average person uses

Experts generally recommend using a credit utilization rate less than 30%, with some suggesting you should aim for a single digit occupancy rate (below 10%) to get the best creditworthiness.But while this is a good guideline, it is helpful to put the "rule of thumb" in context with how much credit people actually use.Below, CNBC Select shares how much credit the average person uses and why your credit usage matters.Credit utilization is the lowest since 2009CNBC Select asked two representatives credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion, for the data they had on average credit utilization. Average credit utilization on June 15,…

Mortgage developments drive top 10 growth of credit unions | Credit Union Times

Source: Shutterstock. The nations 10 largest credit unions credit production in the third quarter was up 16.5% year-on-year, with most of the profit coming from residential real estate. The credit unions' net income contracted as they recorded higher loan loss provisions, but their return on assets and net worth remained healthy. The Top 10 represents 21 million of the more than 125 million members of the country's credit union and owns $ 321.3 billion in assets - about 18% of the movement's total. While they typically have faster growth and higher margins than smaller credit unions, they are important bearers…

5 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Credit Score

This article was created by Wise Publishing. Wise is committed to providing information that helps readers navigate the complex landscape of personal finance. Wise only partners with brands it trusts and believes can be useful to the reader. Both Wise and Postmedia collect a commission on sales through the links on this page.Initially intended to measure your likelihood of repayment on a loan, credit scores are now used by a variety of companies to quickly assess your responsibility as a person.Yet one recent survey found that nearly seven out of ten Canadians don't know their current credit score and more…

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