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(***)Why Your Credit Score Doesn't Matter

(***)Where Can I Get A Loan For A Car With Bad Credit

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How does credit recovery work |

Bad credit holding you back? Errors in your credit report could be to blame. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of those mistakes and get your credit - and your life - back. It's called credit repair, and it's a process that aims to make sure your credit report is 100% accurate and fair. Need help with credit recovery? So how does credit repair work in real life? On paper, credit repair is not that complicated. It includes checking your report, finding evidence of errors, disputing errors and following up on them. But as with any household repair,…

Consumers: Creditworthiness has fallen despite pandemic postponement

Some hardship programs that allow people to defer monthly payments for credit cards, home, car, and student loans during the pandemic being offered by creditors have proven problematic for people who thought they were a godsend. In principle, the credit reporting provisions in the CARES Act retain the status of an account at the time when deferment of payment or other adjustments are granted. "So if you were current at the time of the property, you should be reported as 'current' if you adhere to the terms of the property," said Chi Chi Wu, a staff attorney at the National…

FBI: New Haven man sentenced to 8 years in prison for credit card fraud

NEW HAVEN - A city dweller was sentenced to eight years in prison on Wednesday for defrauding local residents of more than $ 145,000 through a series of credit card schemes, according to Connecticut's US law firm.Steven Finkler, 56, previously pleaded guilty to credit card fraud, wire fraud and two charges of aggravated identity theft, federal officials said in a press release. The case involved two bouts of significant credit card theft, officials said. In August 2017, Finkler "stole credit cards from two of his employer's customers and used the cards to file more than 40 fraudulent charges in Connecticut…

Trial Against Impeachment, Child Tax Credit, Bitcoin: Your Monday Night Briefing

(Would you like to receive this newsletter in your inbox? Here is the registrationGood evening. Here's the last.1. Senate leaders agreed on rules for an extremely fast impeachment procedure from former President Donald Trump.The proceedings, following the first time a president was impeached twice, kicks off Tuesday with a debate and vote on whether trying a former president is unconstitutional. Above, the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer.On the content of the charges against Mr. Trump, are lawyers claimed in an application that his speech just before an attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, "ordered no one to commit unlawful…

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(***)What Does Your Credit Score Need To Be To Get A Va Home Loan

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