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In Credit Card News This Week: Amex Gives $ 50 to Customers; Big discount on balance transfer offers

Credit card industry is balancing remittances as banks fear defaults Balance transfer offers, which typically entice borrowers to transfer their debt to a new lender in exchange for a 0% temporary interest rate, have been slashed at banks. American Express took the most drastic step and dropped the product altogether. Banks were fired during the 2008 recession when users of balance transfers defaulted at one of the highest rates in the industry. Now, lenders are more selective about who they make interest-free offers to, favoring customers with higher credit scores and other benefits. [CNBC] Amex rewards cardholders with a credit…

One in six new universal credit claimants has to skip meals

Many people who first claimed universal credit during the pandemic were unable to set aside enough money to save £ 10 a month, eat healthy or regular meals, or pay bills because the benefits were insufficient to cover the basic cost of living. cover, according to a study. . A study of the experiences of thousands of people who signed up after losing their jobs under lockdown concludes that even with the temporary Covid-19 increase of £ 20 a week, many struggled to bridge the gap between benefits and living costs. to bridge without borrowing from family. credit card debt…

When and how families can benefit from the extended term for child discount: 2 Want to know

The $ 335 child discount deadline is extended through May 31. The Department of Revenue is responsible for distributing money to families. Writer: Published: 6:17 PM EST Feb 11, 2021 Updated: 10:38 PM EST Feb 11, 2021

What is a thin credit file?

The size of your credit file is important when it comes to applying for any type of loan. A credit file shows that you have a proven track record of repayment and that you can rely on a line of credit. If you have recently been told you have a thin credit file, you can take steps to build it. Let's take a look at what a thin credit stock is and how we can improve it. Definition of thin credit file A thin credit file is one with a limited number of credit accounts. For example, if the only…

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