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Based on figures from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), here are the top 10 leading car insurance providers in the US by market share: 1.State Farm Direct Written Premiums: $65.6 billion Market Share: 9.27% State Farm is a group of insurance and financial...

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(***)State Farm Home Insurance Identity Theft Protection

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Best Crypto and DeFi Insurance for 2021 • Benzinga

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing the way the insurance industry operates - especially crypto insurance and decentralized finance (DeFi). Some companies even decentralize insurance funds with blockchain technology, meaning anyone can buy tokens representing part of the insurance fund and potentially take advantage of the fund's increasing value. As with other investments, losses due to the fall in the value of your cryptocurrency are not insured. Losing of smart contract however bugs and hackers can be insured. To limit your risk as an investor, you must use an insured cryptocurrency exchange and crypto wallet. Best for Decentralization: Nexus Mutual Nexus…

Arch Insurance Announces Streamlined Experience for Pricing and Purchasing Business Travel Accident Insurance

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE- Arch Insurance Company today announced a new online platform that allows brokers to quickly set a price for and purchase Business Travel Accident (BTA) policies for US-based companies with up to 250 business travelers. The platform, called Arch BTAExpressTM, leverages a state-of-the-art underwriting and technology experience, enabling easy selection of plan design, pricing and binding of BTA policies, with most quotes delivered almost instantly. The result is a significant reduction in the time and effort it takes for brokers to get coverage for their customers' business travelers. "We are pleased to announce our new BTA product options…

Can I share tenant insurance with my roommate?

Sharing rent insurance with a roommate can save you both a few dollars in the short term, but it's not always a good idea. While you can add a roommate to your policy at many companies, you'll want to weigh the pros and cons of joint renters insurance first.The risks of sharing tenant insurance with roommatesMany insurance companies offer tenant insurance to roommates, but there is no guarantee that sharing a policy will save you money in the long run.For example, if you share a policy and your roommate files a claim, that claim will also be listed on your…

Loop raises $ 3.25 million to build more inclusive auto insurance

The auto insurance industry currently relies heavily on demographic factors such as credit score and zip code to price customers, which Loop says perpetuates ongoing structural bias toward vulnerable communities. Instead, Loop has developed a proprietary and AI-based approach to pricing that measures their customers' road safety and driving behavior on those roads, which in turn rates customers more fairly. "The technology and data to more dynamically assess risk has long been available, but insurers have been slow to adapt." said Carey Anne Nadeau, Co-founder and co-CEO of Loop. "We believe there is a great market opportunity to price people…

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(***)State Farm Home Insurance Identity Theft Protection

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