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Should a low credit score be a deal breaker when you are dating?

Your partner's bad credit can affect your financial future.If you are dating, there are one a lot of of things to consider before deciding to be serious about someone. And while it may not be romantic or fun, one of the big issues you want to think about is financial compatibility.If you choose to merge your life with a partner, that person's financial history - as well as future financial choices - will affect you in profound ways. That's why it's so important to talk about money early in your relationship and share details like your debt totals and credit…

Why an expensive credit card can be better than Klarna

For younger generations, buy now, pay later has almost become the normal way of shopping. Rising numbers of people have turned to these schemes because of the convenience and the idea that you can borrow money for free for 30 days.But what many consumers forget is that even the most expensive credit cards on the market offer cheaper borrowing for longer periods of time and better protection if things go wrong.Buy now, pay later is offered by companies such as the Swedish bank Klarna, the Australian firm Clearpay and Laybuy from New Zealand. Almost all retailers have joined forces with…

The CEOs of Intuit and Credit Karma explain how combining credit and tax data on a ‘massive’ scale is critical following the close of the $ 8.1 billion deal between the two companies

Intuit has just completed the $ 8.1 billion acquisition of Credit Karma. The DOJ approved the deal after Credit Karma sold its tax offering (a competitor to Intuit's TurboTax) to Square. The two companies will operate independently, but will share their vast income and credit data. Sharing data between the two parties will be a key factor in the future of their success, executives said. Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories Credit Karma has long been known as the go-to for free credit scores. But since its founding in 2007, the startup has expanded its reach to create…

SeedFi banks $ 65 million to help Americans build credit and savings

Saving and building credit are two of the toughest challenges for most Americans. In fact, statistics show that 69 percent of Americans have less than $ 1,000 in savings, while 61 percent had no more emergency savings at the end of last year Subscribe to it Crunchbase daily "I grew up in Central Texas in a poor family and know the struggles of a low income," said SeedFi COO and co-founder Eric Burton, said in an interview. "Credit is a necessity of life, but I got myself through school and got stuck in a cycle of debt." Based in San…

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