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San Francisco Fire Credit Union Completes External Conversion | Credit Union Times

Source: Shutterstock. San Francisco Fire Credit Union completed conversion to Corelation, Inc.'s KeyStone core system. without a single on-site employee - the first core conversion ever to be completely remote, according to a Corelation press release. SFFCU, which has $ 1.3 billion in assets and 72,000 members, originally planned to move to Corelation's open platform in April, although the pandemic delayed core processor deployment, which provides `` unparalleled granularity, transparency and ease of use. access'. But SFFCU's conversion was the company's first in the coronavirus era and required the company to come up with new techniques to enable the remote…

Suspect arrested after car chase is now facing credit card fee fraud

A Fredericksburg man who was avoided by authorities in a car chase and crashed into a light pole is now also facing credit card fraud. On January 20, Stafford County Sheriff's Detective DV Torrice Jr. Investigate where a victim's bank card was stolen from their car and then used to complete multiple fraudulent transactions. Using the card, the detective was able to obtain security footage of the suspect at a Sheetz gas station on Carl D. Silver Parkway in Fredericksburg and at an Exxon on Route 3 in Spotsylvania County. The suspect used the card to buy food and gift…

Biden’s plan to expand children’s tax credit could help lift millions of children out of poverty

Much of President Biden's coronavirus aid package is aimed at children. The president says he wants to expand the federal child tax credit, which gives families money for every child they have - or at least lowers their taxes.This change could help nearly 10 million children above or bring them closer to the poverty line, according to the impartial Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.'You have 27 million children in our country who do not receive the full maximum amount [of the tax credit] because their parents don't earn enough, '' said Chuck Marr, the center's director of federal tax…

Student loans are due on January 1 – do these 7 things

President Donald Trump (Photo by Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images) Getty Images From 1 January it is possible that student loans are due again. If so, make sure you do these 7 things Here's What You Should Know. Student grants If Congress or President Donald Trump doesn't grant student loan relief, your student loans expected from January 1, 2021What about the plan to cancel student loans? Don't count on student loan forgiveness just yetCongress passed in March the Cares Act - the $ 2.2 trillion stimulus package - that provides the following temporary relief from student loans for student loan…

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