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Travel insurance

Travel insurance gives you the assurance that you are financially protected if your vacation does not go according to plan. While not a legal requirement, travel insurance is worth it because it means you don't have to pay the bill if you get sick, have an accident, or lose your luggage while you're away. It also covers the cost of unexpectedly canceling your trip. What does travel insurance usually cover? Typical travel insurance should cover the following: Medical expenses - cover for hospital treatment and medical costs if you become ill or have an accident.Repatriation - cover the costs incurred…

Here are the best ways to cut your car insurance costs while stuck at home

You can save more money than you might think by shopping around for the lowest rates and your [+] coverage and obtain any applicable discounts from a carrier. Getty The auto insurance industry remains open as an essential business, and the internet makes comparing rates and looking for coverage a no-contact no-brainer. If you work from home, and especially if you have been on leave and receive unemployment benefits, you should take the opportunity to make sure you pay the lowest possible contributions. We've all seen TV ads touting the benefits of comparing quotes across multiple providers, and it can…

Looking for pet insurance? We’ve got you covered

Whether you've been a pet parent for a long time and learned the hard way or you're new to this, you should consider pet insurance.Vet visits are inevitable unexpected accidents and illnesses, which are already full of worry and stress before the bill comes. Pet insurance gives you the peace of mind knowing that your pet will get help getting the health care they need if injured or sick, so you can both enjoy all the park adventures and lazy sofa days again knowing you hairy baby is in good hands.But which plan suits you? Pet insurance isn't standardized, and…

Wyoming Seeks to Increase Compensation for Antique Vehicles and Eliminate Insurance Loophole – Casper, WY Oil City News

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)CASPER, Wyo - Under existing Wyoming law, people can pay a one-time fee of $ 10 for an 'antique' license plate. Drivers of vehicles with an "antique" license are not required to have motor vehicle liability insurance. Rep. Landon Brown (Laramie County) explained this during the House of Representatives on Monday, March 1 House Bill 19 would change the definition of antique vehicles, increase registration fees, require annual renewal fees and require liability insurance if the vehicles are driven around on regular roads. 'At the moment in law [antique vehicle owners] basically they pay a one time…

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