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SoFi’s new credit card is a cashback heavyweight

Big banks have long dominated the credit card rewards market, but smaller financial institutions are starting to make their way. The new SoFi credit card is the latest example, offering up to 2% money back on every purchase you make. However, unlike some other 2% rewards cards, you only get that rate if you use your money back to save, invest, or pay off debt - with SoFi. Main learning points SoFi has launched a new credit card, which is currently only available to existing SoFi customers. Others can join a waiting list.The card offers a fixed 1% refund on…

Apply for the first apartment? Here’s how to get your money in order and check your credit

Getting approval for your first apartment requires a lot of paperwork. Fortunately, most apartment requests are happening online, especially since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. But landlords and property management companies will still ask for your personal information so they can do a thorough credit and background check.Each state, city, and apartment complex has different requirements, but most rental applications require similar information for each applicant / resident so that they can verify your identity and your ability to pay rent. This includes your personal contact information, social security number, current and past addresses, employer information and proof of…

Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card 2020 Review

Earning rewards The Rakuten Visa Card offers a $ 10 welcome bonus after your first purchase, so you are clearly not getting this card to earn the bonus. When opening the account, you will be asked to sign up for a Rakuten account or link an existing account. At that point, if you choose to earn Membership Rewards points, you link an existing American Express card. Points are transferred to the American Express Membership Rewards account you select four times a year. Alternatively, you cannot do anything extra when signing up and the rewards will go to your Rakuten account.…

Dear Penny: Is it possible to accrue credit when you don’t have a job?

Dear Penny,I am a housewife who does not work outside the home. The only income I have on my own is my Social Security, which is not much. My husband and I have had bad credit in the past. I want to establish credit in my name. Is there any way I can do this?-K.Dear K.,First of all, let's separate your credit history from your husband's. You may have had joint accounts in the past, and if payments were overdue, both your credit reports and your scores would have been affected. But your credit reports, which are used to track…

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