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Computer Science: A Diploma in the Digital Age – Study International

From a unique specialty to an absolute necessity, digitization has made computer science an integral part of today's higher education. You may not be what some call "tech savvy," but as the computer continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives - from personal to family, even to work and business - our daily lives are now completely dependent on technological advancements. In general terms, computer technology is the study of computer technology, especially hardware and software if we want to get more specific. It is a broad and influential field covering several core areas in computer theory, hardware systems,…

Students are preparing to return to school in Santa Clarita

The New York TimesHis lights stayed on during the Texas storm. Now he owes $ 16,752.SAN ANTONIO - As millions of Texans shivered in dark, cold homes for the past week as a winter storm devastated the state's power grid and halted natural gas production, those who could still summon light felt happiness at the touch of a button. Now many of them are paying a heavy price for it. "I have run out of savings," said Scott Willoughby, a 63-year-old Army veteran living on Social Security in a suburb of Dallas. He said he almost emptied his savings account…

New Program Pays for Associate Degree, Trade Certificates

First weather forecast February 12, 2021 (today)Cold temps and more clouds.1 hour agoFamily Feud Question of the day 2-12Watch Family Feud Weeknights @ 7 & 7:30 only on CBS 62!6 hours agoMcDonald's brings back the classic orange Hi-CMcDonald's brings back a classic. Orange Hi-C returns to restaurants after a four-year hiatus.8 hours agoThe federal government is investigating the effect of a counterfeit N-95 maskThe Department of Homeland Security is investigating a counterfeit N-95 mask operation.8 hours agoWalmart and Sams Club start administering COVID-19 vaccinesWalmart and Sams Club stores are participating in the vaccine race to fight the coronavirus.8 hours agoCelebration…

New Purdue master’s degree in graduate studies provides framework for interdisciplinary majors

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - In a giant leap for graduate education from Purdue University, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education has approved the Master of Science degree in Graduate Studies (major in interdisciplinary studies). It is the first degree ever conferred through the Graduate School on the West Lafayette campus. The degree, a framework for custom, new majors spanning two or more schools or departments, was driven by students, faculty, and businesses who want more options to combine skills, create new majors, and adjust credentials. “Education is changing and students want a powerful learning experience in which they can draw…

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