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Fauci says the US could see a ‘grade of normalcy’ by the fall if 70-85% vaccinated by the end of the summer

Dr. Anthony Fauci stressed on Thursday that vaccines are necessary to return to normal. Fauci said his "best case scenario" was that 85% of Americans would be vaccinated by the end of the summer. The CDC says there have been more than 17.5 million doses of vaccine in the US. Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories. Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday underlined that a large majority of Americans must be vaccinated before the US can reverse many of the drastic changes in daily life brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.Speaking at a White House press conference, Fauci said…

What can you do with a business education?

People with a company degree says it prepares them for a number of jobs as understanding how to start and run a profitable business is a major asset in many careers.RELATED CONTENT“A business degree, be it at the undergraduate or Ph.D. level, allows you to understand how to make money from anything,” said Layton J. Cox, a sophomore MBA student at Southern Methodist University . Cox School of Business, wrote in an email. “Business degree holders will learn the basics of how to determine what a good business opportunity looks like and then how to maximize the amount of money…

Coronavirus: Should University Students Get Money Back?

An online petition calling for tuition fees to be cut from £ 9,250 to £ 3,000 has received more than 500,000 signatures. And while the National Union of Students has not called for tuition cuts or a reduction in costs, it insists that emergency funds creation be large enough to meet demand.

The graduate of Tuskegee University is an award-winning author of children’s books

"You don't know what's possible until you try," said Robert E. Constant, a graduate of Tuskegee University and works for Princeton University.“I enjoyed my time in Alabama, and clearly spent a lot of time in Montgomery when I was in school in Tuskegee,” said Constant.Constant, who has 20 years of experience in higher education, is an award-winning author of his new children's book "Hello Grandma!" The book recently took third place in the early readers' category of the Feathered Quill Book Awards 2021.“I was really shocked. I think it's a great book, but it's always nice to be recognized for…

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