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Personal Finance News – The Best Credit Monitoring Services in 2020: Experian, and More | Fintech Zoom – World Funding

Personal Finance News - The Best Credit Monitoring Services in 2020: Experian,, and more Always keep an eye on your credit report. James Martin / CNETWith all data breaches that have surfaced in recent years, you probably know someone (if not yourself) who was affected by one of the breaches. And if the Capital One data breach or the Equifax data breach what you were involved in, you probably learned the importance of checking your credit report. After all, your credit score is an important part of your financial picture - especially when applying for credit cards or loans…

Affirm CEO: Our new ‘buy now, pay later’ card is truly the ‘anti-credit card’

Confirm CEO Max Levchin on Friday praised the company's new physical debt card offering, telling CNBC that he believes it will provide shoppers with benefits similar to a credit card, but with more clarity up front."It certainly shouldn't be called a credit card, in part because it's sort of an anti-credit card. I don't want to be provocative," Levchin said "Closing clock", criticism of what he sees as a lack of transparency around credit card interest payments and late fees.“Literally each of these things is the exact opposite for Affirm's map,” added Levchin. "You know exactly what you're going to…

Best Soft Pull Credit Cards | Bank interest

Soft pull credit cards are credit cards that do not require a hard credit check to open an account. With a soft pull credit card, a soft credit check, also known as a gentle pull or search- is all it takes to open an account.What is a soft pull and what are soft pull credit cards?There are two types of pulls or inquiries that can be performed on your credit check. A soft pull is a summary of your credit history to get a glimpse of your accounts, and does not affect your credit score. Soft pulls are usually performed…

Credit Union Class Settles Equifax Data Breach Claims For $ 5.5 Million | Credit Union Times

Source: Shutterstock. A federal judge in Georgia has provisionally approved a settlement in which Equifax Inc. agreed to pay $ 5.5 million to financial institutions suing the credit rating agency after a data breach that exposed personal information of 147 million Americans. CUNA sued Equifax in October 2017 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. "Credit unions have borne significant costs as a result of this massive data breach, and the settlement provides redress on the way to returning the affected credit unions to health," said Jim Nussle, CUNA's president and CEO in a statement on…

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