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How to bounce back from a negative 360 ​​degree feedback

Getting critical feedback, especially during a performance review, is rarely easy. While negative feedback can blind us and raise feelings of self-doubt, it is also a valuable reality check and opportunity for growth. What's important is how to take a positive attitude to work through the reactions, move on to restore your confidence and make the necessary changes.Here's how to move in the right direction if you get an unsatisfactory 360 degree rating:1. Stay away from witch huntingTypically, 360 degrees are based on anonymity, allowing reviewers (those who provide feedback) to give more than neutral or vague favorable comments, as…

Boston Architectural College celebrates greatest gift in its history

"For Tony, the BAC served as a catalyst for a long, rewarding career in a field he loved." tweet this “Our new strategic plan is to expand the reach of the BAC to serve people Boston and around the world through exceptional learning experiences on the spot and online, ”said the president Mahesh Daas"The Tony Magliozzi and Judy Nitsch Bequest, along with Judy's generous and pace-setting annual contributions, is the essential launch of our new vision, while strengthening our core mission. " Growing up in Somerville and ArlingtonTony worked on construction projects with his father, a stonemason, and uncle, a…

Son’s online education inspires mom to go back to school

Giovanna Jones dropped out of high school and earned her GED when she became a teenage mother. She dedicated herself to her son Antonio and made it her mission that he finish high school. Not only did he do that, but he continued to study and gradually inspired his mother to continue her education. "When he got his master's degree, it motivated me," said Giovanna Jones. "I felt like I had to prove something to myself ..." Jones, vaccine coordinator at the Washington, DC Department of Health, earned her associate degree in general studies and bachelor's degree in management with…

Can an art degree mean job security in the age of AI? | artnet News

After years of hearing that it is impractical to find a job in the arts, art students have a new reason for optimism: jobs that to be available in their field are unlikely to be eliminated as the workforce is increasingly automated thanks to artificial intelligence. “Art and beauty is very difficult to replicate with AI Given [that] AI is more objective, more analytical, [and] data-driven, maybe it's time for some of us to transition to the humanities, liberal arts and beauty, ”venture capitalist and Google and Microsoft alumni Kai-Fu Lee told Quartz. "Maybe professions where it is difficult to…

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