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Check-in: Eric J. Silvers, State Farm Insurance

Despite various adjustments - including a fully virtual meeting at Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic - the program was well attended. More than 200 people signed in to watch the session, with a keynote from James Joyce, a former Yakima Herald-Republic reporter who founded Coffee with a Black Guy, a movement where black men engage in community conversations about their experiences and the problems they face. face.Silvers, 62, has worked as an insurance agent and financial services provider for State Farm Insurance for over three decades. But he is just as passionate about community service as well as music.…

The 7 Best Cancer Insurance Providers of 2021

What is cancer insurance? Cancer insurance is a type of supplemental health insurance policy designed to help with unexpected costs if you are diagnosed with cancer. This financial aid is typically used as a way to help with some of the medical expenses not covered by your regular health insurance plan, and can also help with other expenses while you are being treated, such as your mortgage and utilities. What does cancer insurance typically include? Each policy is different, but they typically include health screening coverage (mammograms, Pap smears, colonoscopies) and cover some of the costs associated with cancer treatment.…

How Price Comparison Websites Make Your Car Insurance 33% More Expensive

COMPARISON sites could drive up the cost of auto insurance premiums across the UK. New research has shown that up to a third of drivers' insurance costs are paid by secret commission paid to these comparison websites. 1 Auto insurance premiums can drive up the cost of your premiumsCredit: Getty - EmployeeInsurers are charged by these websites to show their policy to consumers. Typically the cost is around £ 60 but the amount charged can be as much as £ 160 per policy, De Telegraaf has revealed. These costs are believed to be pushing down on drivers, which means that…

ACA health insurance reopens for new enrollments in Virginia

RICHMOND - The federal Affordable Care Act Marketplace ( has reopened for a new three-month Open Enrollment Period under executive orders from President Biden, according to a press release from Enroll Virginia.The new Open Enrollment gives Virginians without health coverage a new opportunity to enroll in a plan through the ACA and protect their health in the midst of a global pandemic. More than 90,000 Virginians have lost health insurance due to job cuts since the pandemic started last March. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 650,000 Virginians were already without any form of health coverage.The new Open…

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