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(***)How To Get Help Debt Balance

(***)Which Is Better Personal Loan Or Credit Card Debt

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Tips for Paying Off Credit Cards and Other Debts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A particular crisis has led to extraordinary emergency relief options for borrowers. Interest and payments are on hold for federal student loans. Homeowners can request a deferment of payment for almost a year. Credit card issuers and other lenders have drastically expanded hardship programs.Still, many Americans say they got into more debt last year because of the pandemic, according to NerdWallet's Household Debt Survey.If you're one of them, or if you have another household debt that has been delayed, you may not want to rush to repay that money, even if you can. The COVID-19 crisis and its economic fallout…

If you’re drowning in multiple monthly credit card payments, consolidating your debt can help get you back on track

You can use personal loans, balance transfer credit cards, or equity to consolidate your debt. Jetta Productions Inc / Getty Images When you're in debt, it can be impossible to get out of it under the weight. If you are looking for options to help you get out of debt and facilitate reimbursement, debt consolidation maybe something for you.What is Debt Consolidation?In debt consolidation, all the different debts you owe are converted into one monthly payment. Let's say you have a few different credit cards, all with a balance. Each month you have to make different payments, each with different…

Brief: A way to release student debt | Letters

Numbers are not my friend. I have no background in accounting other than Economics 101 in college. But it seems to me there is a way to free up tons of student debt without putting that burden on the taxpayer or dividing the country further. I think this would be most appetizing for those who have paid off theirs in the past, current debtors, and provides a formula for prospective students:1. Remove interest from the equation completely.2. Future student loans are interest-free3. The current student debt is reconfigured with this formula:A. The original amount of the loan (s) is the…

Investigate debt solutions for the hotel landscape | GlobeSt

Alan Cohen, president of Akerman LLP's real estate finance practice and co-office managing partner of the New York office, recently affiliated with, will provide insight into the hospitality industry's various debt solutions in relation to the current, ongoing crisis to Answer a few questions about payment options within the hotel landscape. Do lenders allow deferred payments from certain hotel borrowers to face the crisis and generate income to pay the debt service? We are all well aware that the current slowdown is vastly different from that associated with the Great Recession. At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost…

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