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Checking your own credit report is essential | JD Supra

These are difficult times. Some parts of the economy have responded well to the pandemic crisis. Others, especially those in the travel, leisure and entertainment industries, have faced enormous financial challenges. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to desperate measures. You must not fall victim to desperate measures. You are the best person to protect yourself from that. Yesterday, a local attorney in a Philadelphia suburb pleaded guilty to forging credit applications by using the names and personal financial information of his wife and mother-in-law to tap into an estimated $ 85,000 in credit that he had spent for his own entertainment.…

How to Check Your Credit Score

You've probably heard of credit scores and wondered if it's something you should know. It may sound boring and tedious, but the simple answer is yes, credit scores are important.According to ExperianA whopping 72% of young adults of age don't know what is theirs, despite the fact that it is one of the most basic things you can check to help you manage your finances. In fact, it's free, fast, and easy to do. Not sure how to get started? Here's everything you need to know about checking, building, improving, and getting one step closer to making money better.What is…

Best Private Student Loans With Bad Credit • Benzinga

Education can be the key to a better life, and you don't want your bad credit to keep you from working on your future. Start with our list of the best private student loans if you have bad credit for getting the degree you've always dreamed of. Best lenders for private student loans with bad credit Many lenders have responded to the needs of non-traditional students. These lenders and credit comparison services will put you in touch with credit solutions for your bad credit problems. Keep in mind that you may need a co-signer or loan with special provisions that…

How the Goodyear Credit Card Works: Benefits and Rewards

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company's Goodyear Credit Card (NASDAQ: GT) allows customers to finance their new tires, car repairs and other services performed at Goodyear locations. The card, which Goodyear offers through Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C.), offers several benefits, such as zero interest plans for certain types of purchases and mail-in discount offers. As with any credit card, the terms and conditions contain fine print that prospective cardholders should review before signing up.The fact is, you don't have to worry.The fact is, you don't have to worry. How does it work? When used at Goodyear locations or on the company's…

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