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Biden’s plans for payday loans and cryptocurrency are taking shape

With Joe Biden returning to the White House to become the 46th US president, his financial regulation agenda is already moving forward, based on the people he has chosen to play key roles.Biden's nominations of Rohit Chopra as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Gary Gensler as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission place two consumer attorneys in prime locations to undo outgoing President Donald Trump's deregulation while simultaneously overseeing cryptocurrency and payday loans strengthen.Chopra, a commissioner to the Federal Trade Commission, was the assistant director of the CFPB and aided in the establishment of the agency…

CBA is confident that its interest-free credit card will fend off Afterpay app

"We have seen demand from certain customer cohorts who are more comfortable paying a fee and have security, and are not interested in an interest rate," said Mr. Comyn."Customers want to have more control, they want to see more simplicity, and they also want to have help with their budgeting needs."CBA also quietly launched AdvancePay late last year, which allows customers to spend small amounts of their earned but unpaid income. It is another product that is now on sale, pay grass later.BNPL shares are engagedThe red-hot market to buy now, pay later, stocks on the ASX swept away any…

Loyal DBS / POSB Customers: Which Credit Card Should You Add to Your Wallet?

DBS, the largest bank in Singapore, became the 'The world's best sofain 2019. If you're a loyal DBS / POSB customer and don't plan on switching banks, here are the credit cards worth your salt.As the economy grapples with the decline in consumer spending, businesses have been hit hard. Some companies have shutters, while others have cut their staff, cut their pay or take compulsory leave. Despite the pandemic, DBS committed to hiring more than 2,000 people in Singapore this year - positive news amid the uncertainty about job security caused by COVID-19. Here's an overview of the credit cards…

Best Credit Cards for No Credit History 2021

Best Fixed Deposit Credit Waiver Cards Some credit cards forgo lack of credit history when you pay a fixed deposit as collateral. If you can afford the payment, you can access cards with much higher reward percentages. Best Social & Online Spending Miles: HSBC Revolution Card Consider this if you mainly spend on shopping, dining and entertainment more detail Hide details Annual income requirement 30000 Income requirement for foreigners 40000 Promotions: New cardholders can choose to receive S $ 200 Lazada and RedMart vouchers or S $ 180 cashback and S $ 20 Lazada and RedMart vouchers with a minimum…

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