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Revealed: magnitude of decrease in UK auto insurance claims

A whopping £ 4.4 billion - that's how much UK auto insurance companies are estimated to save on claims payouts by 2020 due to the coronavirus-related decline in driving. "After the first national lockdown was relaxed, we thought life would return to normal," said Antoine Fruchard, CEO of HelloSafe. "But with that second wave of pandemic shaking the UK, road traffic has fallen again, and insurance companies are once again saving money on claims." According to the insurance comparison platform study, here's the breakdown of the estimated savings: Scotland - £ 264.4 million Northern Ireland - £ 118.4 million North…

Martin Lewis’ Tip to Save Half Your Car Insurance

London auto insurance policies can cost drivers a pretty penny, with some Londoners paying 50 percent more than others in the country. Londoners can pay more than £ 350 than the national average per year, according to the national average Compare the market. The top ten most expensive areas in the country for auto insurance are in London, USA Newham residents pay an average of £ 1,500 per year. But MoneySavingExpert's Martin Lewis has a tip that can save Londoners up to half on their insurance premiums. Sign up to our newsletter for more London news and features delivered straight…

Named Driver Insurance Market to witness tremendous growth by 2025: AXA, Allianz, Metlife

Stay up to date and take advantage of the latest trends from Named Driver Insurance Market with the latest edition published by AMA.Named Driver Insurance Market Comprehensive Study is an expert and top to bottom study of the momentum condition of the global Named Driver Insurance industry with focus on the global market. The report provides the key insights available on the status of Named Driver Insurance producers and is an important source of direction and direction for organizations and people who are enthusiastic about the company. Overall, the report provides an inside-out insight of the 2020-2025 Global Named Driver…

Comment: A major reason your health insurance costs so much: Political money | The everyday world

Imagine coming out of a life-saving medical procedure and only receiving bills totaling $ 80,000 - despite having health insurance. Or, like Californian Tom Saputo, getting a $ 51,000 surprise bill after flying to a hospital for a double lung transplant. After insurance, he still owed $ 11,000. Many of you may not need to imagine these nightmare scenarios, but they are all too real. And whether or not you've witnessed such horror stories, we've all fallen victim to the exorbitant cost of health insurance. Legalized bribery is the reason. The United States now has the world's only profit-oriented health…

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