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The spotlight on private debt is shifting to direct lending

No two crises are the same, and it would be unfair and naive to expect financial instruments to behave the same way in every crisis. But after proving their mettle in the 2008 crisis, the Schuldschein and USPP markets seemed well positioned to thrive in 2020. They aren't. Instead, it was direct credit's turn to shine. Silas Brown reports. When the coronavirus hit Europe, the direct lending community was ready - armed and ready for action.For nearly a decade, direct loan funds in Europe have built up their firepower, ramped up fundraising and taken away senior staff from investment banks…

Debt Consolidation Loans – Consolidate your debt with a loan

What Are Debt Consolidation Loans?Loans to pay off debt are known as debt consolidation loans. They are designed to help people combine different debts from different lenders into one monthly payment with a single lender.Debt consolidation loans can also cost less in monthly installments than other debt with higher interest rates. For example, moving debt from a high-interest credit card to a lower-interest consolidation loan can save you money.What Types of Debt Consolidation Loans Can I Get?There are two types of debt consolidation loans; secured and unsecured.SecuredTaking out a secured debt consolidation loan means that the amount you borrow is…

Credit Card Refinancing vs. Debt Consolidation: What’s the Difference?

Debt consolidation and debt refinancing can both help you deal with debt. But there are differences between the two. Debt can be a big financial burden, especially if you have a high interest credit card debt and a large portion of your monthly payment goes towards paying interest rather than principal. The good news is that there are techniques you can use to help you pay off your credit card debt or other loans more easily. Debt consolidation and debt refinancing are two of those techniques.And while debt refinancing and debt consolidation can involve taking similar steps and have similar…

Talks run aground over the shared debt collector of Covid loans to UK banks

Discussions to establish an industry-wide debt collection service to chase unpaid Covid support loans have stalled, leaving individual UK banks with the prospect of dealing with an expected wave of fraud and default on their own. Under the government's "bounce back" lending scheme, £ 45 billion has been borrowed by small businesses to help them weather the pandemic. The first of the 1.47 million loans - provided by commercial lenders but backed by a government guarantee - will start paying interest at 2.5 percent from May, one year after the program started.The UK Finance lobby group has spearheaded discussions about…

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