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Hundreds of private companies lure struggling borrowers with promises of student debt relief when, in fact, they only charge fees to enroll student loan holders into free federal programs.While not all of these companies are scams, there are bad actors. According to a 2017 NerdWallet...
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(***)What Is Debt Collection Services

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Consolidation, Restructuring or Disposal – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Debt creates tension and stress for those strained by it, especially if they lose their jobs or earn less than what they need to cover their monthly payments. To solve this problem, they can conclude agreements with creditors banks. There are three options for making the payment: consolidation, restructuring, and deletion of the amount due. According to the Condusef, those who are in debt to banks or credit unions can use one of these three alternatives. The body suggests using them in an extreme situation and at the same time indicates that if they are used properly, they can adequately…

What if my partner is in debt?

article If you get married, will you take the blame from your husband? While that's your decision, if you decide to pay off or pay off debt, consider a few options. (iStock) Differences in the way finances are managed can cause friction in otherwise happy couples. One partner may be thrifty, while the other spends freely, and is to blame for it. But if you get married, does that mean you take over your spouse's debt, or do financial obligations entered into before the marriage remain separate? With personal debt in the US of close to $ 26,500 in 2020…

Brief: A way to release student debt | Letters

Numbers are not my friend. I have no background in accounting other than Economics 101 in college. But it seems to me there is a way to free up tons of student debt without putting that burden on the taxpayer or dividing the country further. I think this would be most appetizing for those who have paid off theirs in the past, current debtors, and provides a formula for prospective students:1. Remove interest from the equation completely.2. Future student loans are interest-free3. The current student debt is reconfigured with this formula:A. The original amount of the loan (s) is the…

The spotlight on private debt is shifting to direct lending

No two crises are the same, and it would be unfair and naive to expect financial instruments to behave the same way in every crisis. But after proving their mettle in the 2008 crisis, the Schuldschein and USPP markets seemed well positioned to thrive in 2020. They aren't. Instead, it was direct credit's turn to shine. Silas Brown reports. When the coronavirus hit Europe, the direct lending community was ready - armed and ready for action.For nearly a decade, direct loan funds in Europe have built up their firepower, ramped up fundraising and taken away senior staff from investment banks…

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