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LOS ANGELES, February 11, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / - has launched a new blog post with some information about it pay-per-mile auto insurance and its benefits.For more info and free car insurance quotes, go to auto insurance is a type of insurance that...

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Best Military Car Insurance

How does car insurance work for the military? While the basics of auto insurance work the same for military members, some special rules apply to military and active duty coverage. For example, many states allow service members to maintain vehicle registration and insurance coverage through their home state, regardless of where they are based. Keep in mind that every insurance company has different requirements when a service representative works abroad. Finally, some companies only offer coverage to military members, which means that you may have more options than the average customer when looking for military auto insurance. What is a…

What is National Insurance and do I have to pay for it?

France 24 Belarus jails two journalists for covering anti-Lukashenko protestsA court in Belarus on Thursday sentenced a pair of television journalists to two years in prison for covering a protest last year, the first lengthy prison sentence in a legal crackdown on independent news media. Katerina Bakhvalova, 27, and Daria Chultsova, 23, defiantly stood in a cage and flashed V for victory signs as they smiled and blew kisses into the courtroom ahead of the verdict. The two women were detained in November while filming one of the anti-government rallies that engulfed Belarus after strongman Alexander Lukashenko took victory in…

Size and Effects of “Sludge” in Benefits Administration: How Health Insurance Burdens Employees and Cost Employers

Administrative burdens can create significant direct and indirect costs for employers and employees, making them important research topics. In this research, Stanford Graduate School of Business Thomas D. Dee II professor of organizational behavior Jeffrey Pfefferwork with Dan Witters, Sangeeta Agrawal and James K. Harter to explore the time employees spend interacting with their health benefit administrators.Using a nationally representative sample, the researchers found that the direct cost of the time employees spend on health insurance administration was approximately $ 21.57 billion, of which 53 percent of that time ($ 11.4 billion) was at work . The time spent on…

Medical marijuana health insurance is now a reality

A startup called Novus Cannabis MedPlan offers health benefits to both medical and recreational cannabis users. Free book preview Cannabis capital Learn how to get your business funded in the cannabis economy! February 3, 2021 3 min read This story originally appeared on Benzinga Cannabis is legal in one form or another in 34 US states, and five more pending legalization. Of those states, most have legalized all forms of cannabis for medicinal purposes, although a handful have legalized only CBD oil.Despite increased legalization, there remains a great void in the medical cannabis market: health insurance. The reason major health…

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