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Finding affordable life insurance when you have pre-existing conditions can be a daunting challenge. High risk life insurance policies are typically much more expensive and have a limited range of benefits than life insurance products for people without pre-existing conditions. Despite the added difficulty of...

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The car management apps that now offer car insurance

A car management app is launching a new product that promises drivers engine coverage within a minute.Caura says it is the first app that allows users to pay and manage all aspects of their car through their phone.It has partnered with six insurers to cover nearly all UK drivers with the full experience completed in the app for its new product, Caura Protect. Customers can use the app to park, pay toll, tax and MOT and manage their insurance. At a number of companies, drivers can now purchase temporary cover via an appHowever, it is not the first company to…

The future of car insurance

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a 60 percent reduction in mileage in some parts of America. It seems logical that driving less would mean less being paid, as there will be fewer accidents at low speeds and less aggressive acceleration. That's why, in many ways, auto insurers have given some leeway to policyholders - especially health professionals, for whom companies forgo deductibles. Some of the largest companies have paid back premiums to ease the financial burdens many have faced. This resulted in a $ 14 billion return to policyholders. It should also be noted that due to the increase…

9 Surprising Things That Car Insurance Cover

What your car insurance covers may surprise you. (iStock)It is sometimes difficult to get the value in auto insurance. It's the kind of expense you hope you'll never use, but when you get into an accident or your car gets destroyed, your policy can protect you from paying for expensive repairs out of pocket.It's important to understand that not all auto insurance policies are the same and coverage varies from one state to another. But there are nine surprising events you probably aren't aware of that appear on your auto insurance policy by default, and a few that don't. If…

Higher health insurance coverage can be on your side to support cancer treatment

Written by Shashank ChaphekarWhen looking for ways to maintain good physical health, it is vital to plan for critical illness coverage, given rapidly escalating healthcare costs, which continue to grow at an unsustainable pace. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming, causing the mental, emotional, and financial damage it does to both the fighting individual and their families.Several studies show that cancer survivors experience an above-average number of medical problems. Stress over unpaid bills and treatment delays due to costs can lead to changes in health behavior and compromise treatment outcomes.Therefore, to take some of the financial burden off…

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