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These are the Toronto neighborhoods with the most expensive auto insurance

A new report shows that some Torontonians pay much higher auto insurance than their downtown neighbors. According to Rates.caThe average premium in Toronto in 2020 was $ 2,201 - a 12.9% increase from 2018. However, residents in the city's suburbs pay nearly $ 1,000 more each year. “With rates continuing to rise despite the cuts and rebates that insurers are offering in 2020 due to COVID-19, some drivers in Toronto are feeling the financial strain more than others,” the report read.'s Insuramap shows that the highest auto insurance policies in Toronto can be found in several districts of Scarborough.…

What home insurance do you need when selling a house?

What to Know About Insurance Coverage Before Giving Up Your Home. iStockSelling a home can be just as stressful as purchasing, especially if you're a first-time seller. An often overlooked area is home insurance. The big question: Should insurance coverage change when someone moves from owner to seller?It is always important to make sure your home is properly insured as policies are very nuanced and can vary from insurance company to insurance company. Credible simplifies the process by breaking down the types of insurance for homeowners and giving you the chance receive free quotes from multiple insurance brokersWhat home insurance…

How to Find Cheap, Full Coverage Car Insurance

Will liability insurance cover my car if someone hits me?Your own liability insurance only pays others for damage you cause. It does not pay for your own car or your injuries.If someone else cause an accident, their liability insurance should cover the damage and injuries of your car. But the other's insurance only pays for the limits they bought. If the accident was costly, their insurance may not be enough to cover all of your bills.In addition, many drivers take to the road without any car insurance. If they bump into you, they have no insurance to cover the damage…

Clarks Neck Fire District gets an improved insurance rating

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Homeowners living in the Clarks Neck Fire District may see lower insurance rates. An evaluation of the fire insurance rating for the Clarks Neck Fire District has resulted in a new protection rating of 5 / 9S, an improvement over the previous Class 7 / 9S rating. The North Carolina Response Rating System ranges from one, the highest, to 10, which is not recognized by the state as a certified fire service. Most rural divisions fall into the 9S category. While lower ratings don't necessarily indicate poor service, a higher rating suggests that a department…

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