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5 factors influencing home insurance rates

article Shop around to see if your home insurance can be cheaper. (iStock) Several factors can affect your costs of the home insurance, but consumers can shop around and pool their rates to lower them. Comparing multiple insurance quotes can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year. And it is that easy receive a free quote in minutes from Credible's partners here What makes insurance rates go up?The environment in your area can change over time, increasing your risk of floods, wildfires, and earthquakes. If you live in a rural area, closing a fire brigade can also be a…

Tennessee Auto Insurance Laws | Bank interest

From the Smoky Mountains to Graceland and everything in between, the state of Tennessee has a multitude of fascinating places to explore. But under Tennessee insurance laws, residents cannot drive to any of these sites without meeting the minimum insurance requirements. Whether you plan on traveling across the state or just traveling back and forth to your office, Tennessee auto insurance laws require you to have liability insurance at the bare minimum.Not only is insurance required, but it is also a sound financial choice. Tennessee ranks 9th overall for the most fatalities per year according to the Insurance Institute for…

Term life insurance in retirement planning

Term life insurance provides a death benefit if the death occurs during the fixed period covered by the contract, the premiums have been paid and the policy remains in effect. When life insurance is not viewed in the context of retirement income planning, term life insurance offers the lowest premiums to support the household's human capital replacement needs. Other types of life insurance are a combination of a term life insurance and a savings vehicle. This makes it important to start the discussion with a clear understanding of how term life insurance premiums are calculated. Figure 7.1 shows the basic…

Health insurance plans absorb hefty medical bills for COVID patients

“For the three largest payers, Medicare, for that federal program, our state's Medicaid program, and HMSA's commercial line, we don't charge anyone co-payments for COVID-related diseases,” said Dr. Mark Mugiishi, President and CEO of HMSA. And other plans do the same.

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