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article Shop around to see if your home insurance can be cheaper. (iStock) Several factors can affect your costs of the home insurance, but consumers can shop around and pool their rates to lower them. Comparing multiple insurance quotes can potentially save you hundreds of...
Auto insurance policies protect you and your vehicle in the event of an accident or natural disaster, and minimum coverage is required by law in most states. But can you have two auto insurance policies? There are several reasons why someone might consider getting two...

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Usage-based insurance market poised for rapid growth in 2021-2028 forecast period | MRS updates – KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper

Worldwide usage-based insurance market report indicates market growth, sector analysis and future trend It's global Usage-based insurance market report covers all essential regional and global market insights. Likewise, the market research report provides the lucrative market opportunities and challenges for the forecast period. The growth details in the Usage-Based Insurance report provide the opportunity for the clients to expand the market. Additionally, the Global Usage-Based Insurance Market Report covers vital and critical market aspects, including the industry's financial structure. The Usage-Based Insurance report analyzes the different market segmentation, competing players and geographic spread. To know what impact the COVID-19 pandemic…

Mercury Insurance explains the basics of home owner insurance

Homeowners insurance is something all homeowners need, but not something everyone knows the ins and outs of necessarily - knowing what (and what isn't) covered by your insurance policy is vital to protecting your home.LOS ANGELES, California. February 26, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / - Homeowners insurance is something all homeowners need, but not something everyone knows the ins and outs of. Mercury Insurance found in a recent survey that 17% of homeowners admitted not even reading their insurance policy to find out what is and isn't covered, and 50% of those surveyed believe their insurance policy is 100% of their…

Insurance stocks limit fourth-quarter earnings season with modest gains

Insurance stocks ended the week higher as the fourth-quarter 2020 earnings season ended, while the broader market returned mid-week gains and ended lower. The S&P 500 fell 2.45% to 3,811.15 for the week ending February 26, while the SNL US Insurance Index was up 0.81% to finish at 1,221.27. While results varied in terms of revenue, there were few "significant surprises" in the property and accident industry, according to CFRA Research analyst Cathy Seifert, who said the results were in line with analysts' "reasonably subdued expectations". Seifert said the property and casualty market is still tough after prices accelerated in…

Driving without insurance in Michigan | Bank interest

Every Michigan vehicle owner must have minimum auto insurance. Driving without auto insurance in Michigan is illegal and has dire consequences. Whether you are a current Michigan resident or planning to move to Michigan, it is important to understand the penalty for driving without insurance in Michigan. Michigan auto insurance lawsAuto insurance is a legal requirement in Michigan. If you have a vehicle registered with the State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you must comply with that of the state minimum car insurance laws. Because Michigan is a debt-free state, drivers must have special types of insurance in addition to…

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