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There are only two states where auto insurance is not mandatory: Virginia and New Hampshire. This is because each state sets its own limits and requirements for the auto insurance minimums that a driver must bear if they have coverage. Although Virginia and New Hampshire...

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BWI publishes updated guide to the 10 best aviation insurance companies

Corona, United States, February 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Aviation insurance is a complex, small and unique industry and unlike auto insurance with 500 different insurance companies, there are fewer than 20 aviation insurers. Each company has different aircraft insurance specialties and risk appetites, underwriting guidelines, and credit ratings. An updated guide published by BWI, one of the major highlights of the Nation's aviation insurance brokerage the 10 best aviation insurers. Aviation insurance is a critical, low-capacity industry, with only a handful of insurance companies offering insurance for hundreds of thousands of aviation and aviation-related risks. The aviation insurance industry,…

What travel insurance covers the Covid quarantine?

Editor's Note: Forbes may earn a commission on sales through affiliate links on this page, but that will not affect the opinions or evaluations of our editors. Getty If you travel during the pandemic, you know that you may have to go through a mandatory quarantine. Travel insurance can reimburse you for problems such as travel delays and medical expenses abroad, but can it help with the added costs of a quarantine? Staying in a hotel for up to 14 days while in quarantine can get expensive, especially if you're not prepared. There are also other costs to consider, such…

Pandemic unemployment boosts enrollment in health insurance market as exchanges prepare for reopening

“Before the pandemic, I just wanted to be insured because it made sense ... but then it certainly made more sense this year to have some sort of basic coverage just by going through the worst-case scenarios,” said Setright, who signed up for a bronze-level plan via Pennie. ACA plans are categorized into bronze, silver, gold, or platinum, depending on the level of coverage and costs. "It feels good to be covered."

What pet insurance covers, how much it costs, and what products are on offer

Last year, Meenakshi Kohli from Bengaluru spent nearly Rs 30,000 on her Labrador's surgery, who swallowed a plastic bottle resulting in gastrointestinal blockage. At that point, she decided to buy Rs 60,000 Hoes from Vetina Pawtect for Rs 3,924 per year. This care and concern for pets, especially dogs, marks the successful transition of Native Americans from pet owners 10 years ago, to pet parents now. With higher disposable incomes, more and more people keep pets: dogs as pets were 214 lakh in 2019, while there were 18 lakh pets, according to Statista. No wonder then that India is the…

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