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OK, here's the deal; just as it took some time for your debt problem to develop, unraveling it will also take time. There are no quick and easy solutions when it comes to dealing with financial obligations. However, there are some proven debt relief methods...

(***)Student loan debt cancellation 2021

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The influence of COVID-19 on student loan forgiveness

President Donald Trump (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images COVID-19 can affect student loan more forgiveness than you realize. Here's What You Should Know. Student loan forgiveness More often, there are new proposals for student loan waivers. This includes proposals for Student loan forgiveness for health workers and Joe Biden's presidential candidate plan to cancel student loan debtsEven members of Congress owe a significant amount of student loansWhat about the two main existing plans for student loan forgiveness: income-driven repayment and public service loan forgiveness? Currently, if you are pursuing student loan forgiveness,…

The morality of canceling student debts

Elected President Joe Biden promised to forgive at least some student debt during his campaign, and he now supports the immediate cancellation $ 10,000 per borrower as part of COVID-19 emergency response. Such proposals are likely to be quite popular. A 2019 poll found that 58% of the voters support scrapping all federal student debts. But there are those who question the idea of debt cancellation and call it unfair to those who have never taken out or paid off a student debt. Like a ethicist If you study the morality of debt, I see merit in the question: Should…

Origo Commodities is raising Rs 75 cr in debt financing from Yes Bank

The agricultural supply chain and trade finance company Origo Commodities said on Thursday that it has raised Rs 75 crore from Yes Bank. The current funding round will serve as working capital for Origo, the company said in a statement: See Zee Business Live TV streaming below: It will also use the funds to improve services and structures within the agricultural ecosystem. The agritech player hopes to unlock agro-commodity investments for private investors in the coming months. "We are delighted to partner with Yes Bank and recognize that our association with them will be beneficial to the farming community. We…

Founders Drops Annual Bonus for Year-Round Rewards | Credit Union Times

Four other credit unions have announced $ 10 million in special dividends, but one of them will be the last this year for an annual bonus. Federal Credit Union founders, Lancaster, SC ($ 2.6 billion, 223,495 members) paid members $ 5 million on December 1 as loyalty bonuses. From now on, they can receive bonuses through the new Loyalty Select program, a special high-yield savings account into which rewards are deposited. The latest founders' loyalty bonus represents approximately $ 22 per member and 20 basis points of its 1.24% return on $ 2.5 billion in average assets for the 12…

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