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Consumer Credit Union is being built in Grand Haven

Work is underway on Consumers Credit Union, a financial services company in West Michigan, in Grand Haven.It is located at 901 S. Beacon Blvd., next to the Taco Bell restaurant and the former grounds of Grand Haven Garden House. It is expected to open this summer. This page requires Javascript. Javascript is required to read premium content. Enable it in your browser settings. kAm% 9: DH: == 36 E96 4 @> A2? J'D abC5 = @ 42E: @? (6TH |: 49: 82?[ H9:49 :?4=F56D 3C2?49 @77:46D :? z2=2>[email protected]@[ [email protected] w2G6?[ [email protected]==2?5 2?5 q2EE=6 rC66<]k ^ Am kAm% 96 vC2? 5…

What is a credit hold? – Savings Corner presented by Coosa Valley Credit Union

You may have heard of people who have frozen their credit, but what does this mean? Freezing your credit at all three major credit bureaus is a security measure you can take to prevent credit fraud and identity theft, and protect your information from data breaches or anyone accessing your credit report without your permission. Also called a security hold, a credit hold is a free tool that allows you to limit access to your credit report, making it more difficult for identity thieves to open new accounts in your name. To freeze your credit, you must contact each of…

Credit Plus Announces Five Executive Promotions: MortgageOrb

Mike Hall Mike Hall has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer; Don Clement has been promoted to EVP, Marketing; Michael Crockett has been promoted to EVP, data solutions; Judy Ryan has been promoted to EVP, Sales, East; and Mike Allen has been promoted to EVP, sales, west, at Credit Plus, a provider of credit data and verification solutions to the mortgage industry. The five promotions follow the company's announcement last month that it had been promoting Greg Holmes as president and CEO Hall was previously EVP of Operations. He has been with Credit Plus for 20 years and has over…

8 Ways to Take Your Credit Card Rewards to the Next Level in 2021

However, one downside to a product change is that you generally won't qualify for the sign-up bonus for the product you're switching to. (After all, you're not opening a brand new account.) So if you're looking at a juicy stack of bonus points, it might be worth a separate request. Still, you may want to keep your old card and account history, especially if it doesn't charge you an annual fee. Make sure to use it at least a few times here and there, perhaps to pay for a recurring monthly subscription. That way you will avoid closing it due…

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