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Why I keep these 3 credit cards in my wallet

After trying more than a dozen credit cards, these are the ones that have brought me the most value.The biggest challenge with credit cards is often deciding which holders are. It's also an area where most credit card advice doesn't seem to target the average consumer. I've read many articles where the author talks about how much value they get from the best hotel, the airline, and the rewards cards. And I always wonder how much they spend on annual fees to get all those benefits.I consider myself more of a typical consumer. While I love to travel, I don't…

Holidays give a lot at Credit Unions Nationwide | Credit Union Times

Mission FCU Employees of $ 3.5 billion Federal Credit Union Mission in San Diego, California, donating a tree at the San Diego Center for Children. On December 6, more than 27 trees were donated to the eight San Diego Center for Children's program sites to bring much-needed revelry to the children and families they serve. The center provides therapeutic, special education, foster care, and transitional age facilities to children and families struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, making the lives of more than 1,000 people stronger every day. Many of the children and teenagers in therapeutic residential care stay…

Maryland passed the largest tax credit for the poor in the country. Democrats want it for non-citizens too.

'They are Marylanders. They are taxpayers - let me repeat, they pay their taxes - and yet they have been banned from almost every federal benefit, ”said House Majority Leader Eric G. Leudtke (D-Montgomery). "We have the strength to help them, and that's all that matters."But the effort is facing opposition from GOP lawmakers and Governor Larry Hogan (R), who has a limited run and is pondering his future role in the Republican Party - including a possible presidential run. Hogan declined to entertain including non-citizens in the $ 1.1 billion stimulus package approved earlier this month that is built…

How to File Your Tax Return Through Credit Karma Tax – Free

Credit Karma explains that if you filed your tax return electronically, your refund will arrive approximately 21 days after your filing. You can start by checking with the IRS Where is my refund tool 24 hours after the IRS accepts your return to find out when your refund has been approved and when the money is headed your way. If you've sent a hard copy of your return, it can take six weeks or more for your tax refund to arrive. You must wait at least four weeks before checking the Where's My Refund tool.Several factors can delay your refund,…

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