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What is a credit bureau?

When you apply for a credit, the lender usually reviews your credit history with one of the credit bureaus. This process may sound mysterious if you are not sure what the credit bureaus are and what purpose they serve, but the concept is quite simple.A credit bureau is simply an agency that collects information about your credit usage and history and then presents it to a lender when you apply for credit. Each credit bureau differs in the way they extract and assemble your information, so it's important to understand how they work.There are three main credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax…

Why credit scores matter

The higher the number, the more successfully it says you've managed your credit, debt, and general finances in the past - and the more likely you are to repay loans in the future. If your score registers at the top of the scale, you can take advantage of benefits such as access to better loan rates and more responsive responses to your requests. Lenders generally consider scores in the range of 660-900 to be good, very good or excellent. What Makes a Good Credit Score?In Canada, two credit bureaus are allowed to collect information about your financial activities: Equifax and…

Tenants are finally taking a break, can use rent payments to build a credit score

Alex_533 via Getty ImagesCondo towers under construction stand next to apartment buildings in New Westminster, BC, in this undated stock photo. For the first time, Canadian tenants can make their rent count towards their credit, under a new arrangement with Equifax and the Landlord Credit Bureau.Years ago when Zachary Killam was a tenant, he thought it was strange that all his rent payments made no difference to his credit. “When I moved to my first place, I had a credit card limit of $ 300. I paid my rent on time, but it always struck me, why is my rent…

Advice | Mitt Romney has a plan and Joe Biden has to borrow from it

There is another good reason to link benefits to the number of children rather than to income. The federal program commonly known as welfare, which provided money to lower-income mothers until it was effectively shut down in the 1990s, was criticized for discouraging work by linking benefits to income. Earn more, receive less. The Biden Plan avoids this trap.The biggest problem with the Biden Plan is that it only lasts a year.One year's benefit is a political gamble. The Biden Plan has not received any Republican backing in the closely-divided Senate, so Democrats can only take it through the process…

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