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Biden: Cancel student loans immediately

President-elect Joe Biden (Photo by Sean Rayford / Getty Images) Getty Images Joe Biden is calling on Congress to immediately cancel $ 10,000 in student loans. Here's What You Should Know. Student grants Biden follows up on a campaign proposal cancel $ 10,000 in student loansThe president-elect wants Congress to immediately cancel student loan debt. "Immediate forgiveness of $ 10,000 for student loans," said Biden. "They have to make choices between paying their student loan and paying the rent ... It has to be done immediately." Cancel student loans in Congress Importantly, Biden is calling on Congress to act on…

Bad Credit Cards – Bad Credit Cards – Should I Get A Loan To Build Credit? Fintech Zoom | Fintech Zoom – World Funding

You don't necessarily need to take out a loan to build credit. We have some credit building tips that you may not have thought of to help you on your way to a better credit score. Building a credit history Having a solid credit history ensures a higher credit score. Things like on-time payments, a healthy mix of credits, and low credit card usage all improve your credit score. However, starting your credit history can be a daunting task as many new borrowers start with an under-rated rating, making it harder to get approved for credit in the first place!…

Mandatory use of payment reference numbers for short-term SSS loan payments begins April 1

QUEZON CITY, Feb. 5 - Computer-generated payment reference numbers (PRNs) are required for short-term payments beginning April 1, 2021, according to the state fund's Social Security System (SSS). The billing months covered by this system are from March 2021 onwards. The PRN, a system-generated number that corresponds to an individual member's loan settlement (self-employed, volunteer, overseas Filipino employee) or employer, helps facilitate the immediate and correct entry of loan payments into their associated loan accounts. SSS President and CEO Aurora C. Ignacio said the SSS began using PRNs for short-term member loans last year as part of the fund's Real-Time…

These private student loans got PPP loans – will they be forgiven as borrowers struggle?

getty A new report published this week showed that several private student loan companies received substantial federal financial aid and low-interest loans through pandemic assistance programs. Some loans could eventually be forgiven - a benefit not currently granted to private student loan borrowers. The Study Center for Loans (SBPC) found it that several private student loan companies, such as CommonBond, LendKey and Upstart receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The PPP program was enacted by the CARES Act last year to provide economic assistance to struggling businesses in the form of loan forgiveness to…

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