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With the new incentive package, your employer can pay your student loans up to 2025

Student grants getty Your boss can pay your student loans for longer than you may think. Here's What You Should Know. Student grants In many ways, the new stimulus package is one net loss for student loan borrowers hoping for student loan relief or student loan forgiveness. Congress dropped the student loan exemption from the new stimulus package, which means your federal student loan payments will resumed after January 31, 2021interest will start to grow and we will start collecting the student loan. However, there is one win for borrowers looking to repay student loans from their own employersThis is…

NJ residents with student loans can take a deep breath

NJ residents who are currently still struggling with the weight of student loan debt can breathe for the next several months.It was announced this week that the Biden government has officially extended the suspension of payments for federal student loans. reports that anyone with any money owes directly to a government agency to cover their student loans will not have to start paying back until SeptemberAs you can imagine, this is great news for people who have lost so much to the pandemic. That's exactly why Biden agreed to move forward with the extension. So many people are still…

Downing Announces Run for Governor; Supports Student Loan Forgiveness – The Beacon – MCLA

Ben Downing in an undated photo. Downing is the first to compete in next year's race for Massachusetts governor. Former Massachusetts State Senator Ben Downing, who represented the counties of Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin from 2007 to 2016, declared his participation in the 2022 national race on Monday, February 8. The timing of Downing's bid is important as he is the first contender to publicly compete for the governor's seat, as incumbent Republican Governor Charlie Baker has not yet commented on his running for re-election. The Berkshire Eagle reported on Wednesday, February 17, that Downing had raised $ 100,000…

Scam: forgiveness of student debts – against payment?

WAUSAU, Delete. (WSAW) - Navient has more than 10 million student loan customers and recently settled a lawsuit over student loan waivers. The results of the settlement will not affect what individual borrowers owe. However, scammers were quick to spot this news story and are now targeting borrowers with false forgiveness claims - for a fee. Here's What You Should Know.How the scam works:You receive a call from a person claiming to represent Navient, a student loan service provider. They explain that as part of a lawsuit you will be fully or partially waived your student debt. Of course, you…

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