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Roland announces JUNO-60 Software Synthesizer «American Songwriter

Fans of the original Roland Juno-60 synth - it's time to rejoice. Today the manufacturer announces the launch of the Juno-60 Software Synthesizer, a new cloud version of the legendary synthesizer used in many 80s classics. Available as a modern software instrument for Mac and Windows DAWs, the new Roland JUNO-60 Software Synthesizer emulates the authentic experience of this influential keyboard. What made the original synthesizer so magical were its own limitations, which made users work harder to be creative. Roland has captured those idiosyncrasies and improved them with modern additions. According to their announcement, “The filter has been modeled…

Investor relationship management software Market size, growth, business statistics and forecast 2020-2027 – The Bisouv Network

Market research Intellect latest study titles'Relationship management market for investors'highlights the different segments of the Investor Relationship Management Software market. The report was intended to guide readers through the research period. Investor Relationship Management SoftwareX report highlights market growth rate. Report was prepared after a qualitative and quantitative survey of the Investor Relationship Management Software market. Factors such as market penetration, product portfolios, end-user industries and pricing structure were also added in the form of charts, graphs and tables to provide a visual representation of the market figures. Details about the major players in the market are also included to…

Turn your Mac into a sleek, mean fighting machine with MacCleaner Pro 2 software

MacCleaner Pro 2 from Nektony is a complete software solution to keep your Mac sleek and mean. Mark Sparrow A while ago I took a look at a great piece of software called CleanMyMacIt was developed in Ukraine, a country that has become something of a center for Mac software development, with some great developers such as MacPaw, Belight Software, and Nektony. The former Soviet satellite state is becoming a powerhouse for Mac software. This month I'm looking at another piece of software called MacCleaner Pro 2It's a macOS utility to make Macs run faster and with less hard drive…

Staff Software Engineer (implementation team) – PEAK6

We are PEAK6, a leading investment company. You will find our headquarters in the historic Chicago Board of Trade building, where we first opened our doors in 1997. It has been more than 20 years since we were one of the first companies to develop advanced proprietary technology for use in our trading activities. Today, we continue to leverage our technical ingenuity and operational excellence in a variety of investment areas, from early to mid-level growth capital, operational control, trading and esports, while always proving customer value. Over the years, we have built and managed various financial technology companies, and…

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