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Students: do not pause construction loan during COVID-19 | Bank interest

In many ways, the world can dwell on assignments to stay home take a break (or cancel it completelyevents such as graduation ceremonies, but you can still make credit building a priority in quarantine.Although one recent report of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) found a 40 percent decrease in new card applications when comparing the first and last week of March 2020 (which the CFPB believes is partly due to rumors from issuers that pass the credit card approval standards increase), student credit cards are still some of the easiest cards to get.When building credit in college right away…

Why you might not be approved for a Discover card – even with a credit score of 800

Excellent credit will increase your chances of getting a Discover card, but there are other potential issues that can get in your way.If you want a Discover credit card and you have a credit score of 800, you might think the application is a slam dunk. Even the best Discover credit cards are aimed at consumers with scores of 670 or higher. A score of 800 is much more than you need.However, that does not mean that you can be sure that you will be approved. There are several reasons why Discover may decline your application despite a high creditworthiness.…

What does it mean if your credit card application is pending? | Bank interest

One of the benefits of applying for credit cards online is the ability to know within minutes if you've been approved or rejected, but in some cases, you'll only learn that your credit card application is 'under review' or 'pending'. . "What does it mean if your credit card application is reviewed? Why do lenders occasionally need extra time to review credit applications, and how long do you have to wait for them to make a decision? Let's take a closer look at what happens when your credit card application is pending - and what you can do while waiting…

My credit card rewards strategy for this quarter

It takes a little effort to keep up with the ever-changing categories, but it can be well worth the effort.One of the more challenging aspects of maximizing credit card rewards is that the deals and bonuses change regularly. In fact, a number of popular cash back cards are known for their rotating bonus categories that change every quarter.Even cards with normally static bonus rewards can be updated and adjusted once or twice a year. Next, any new cards added to the collection must be included in the mix. Oh, and don't forget the issuer savings portals that offer new deals…

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