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New credit accrual app Perch reports rental payments

Perch, a new mobile app for iOS, wants to make your rent payments part of your credit reports. Unlike mortgage payments, rent payments are not normally reported to the national credit bureaus, putting tenants at a disadvantage in building a strong credit score. Other services already exist that report rent payments, but they can be expensive and many require the intervention of the landlord. Bass, on the other hand, is free and you can do it all yourself. Main learning points Perch allows tenants to add their rent payments to date to their credit reports at two of the three…

Why my credit score gets stuck at 805

So close and yet so far away ...In the game of personal credit, the maximum score possible for the two most popular credit score models (the FICO┬« score is 8 and the VantageScore 3.0) is 850. Once you hit 850, that's it - you've now reached top credit geek status.Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to fill that box on my credit bingo sheet (metaphorically - no, really), the illustrious target of hitting 850 remains way out of my reach. Despite an impeccable credit history, with no overdue payments and a regular one occupancy rate below 10%, my credit score…

72% of Americans saw their credit drop after missing a buy now, pay later – Tearsheet

Buy now, pay later is increasing popular payment choice for Gen Z and millennials. Klarna has doubled its user base to 15 million Americans over a year. More Americans are using point of sale financing to buy things they would have previously put on credit cards. But they probably also buy things they cannot afford. More than 40% of Americans have now made a purchase, later pay a payment offered by fintechs such as Affirm, Afterpay and Klarna, according to a questionnaire by Credit Karma and Qualtrics. This content is available exclusively to members of Tearsheet Outlier. Do you miss…

Lower income? The Tax Credit Earned For 2021 Can Increase Your Benefits | The motley fool

Qualifying for the earned income credit on your tax return is like hitting the jackpot in the world of tax credits. It is the most popular credit for low and middle income people and can immediately put more money in your pocket. If you feel left out of the tax breaks that the richest individuals receive, the 2021 increase in the limits and credits for earned income is your chance to cash in on the tax code. Tax credits are a real treasure on your tax return The goal of every taxpayer is to get more tax credits and deductions…

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