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Bayport Credit Union robbed in Hampton

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) - A Bayport Credit Union in Hampton was robbed Monday morning. The police confirm that the suspect has entered the company, located in the 1000 block of Big Bethel Road, just before 11:30 am and handed over a note demanding money. The note also implied that the suspect had a gun. After receiving the money, the suspect fled in a vehicle. No injuries have been reported. Police said they do not currently have photos of the suspect to release to the public. Although Monday is a federal holiday, all Bayport Credit Union locations were open, although the…

How To Refinance Student Loans In 4 Easy Steps | Hero for student loan

Refinancing of APRs from 1.89Checking your rates will not affect your score.Note that the situation for student loans has changed due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and the relief efforts of the government, student loan lenders and others. Check out our Hero Coronavirus Student Loan Information Center for more news and details.Learning how to refinance student loans is easier than it sounds. It's about looking around for rates and applying for the lender that offers your best deal. Then it's a matter of waiting for that lender to pay off your old debt and issue your new, hopefully…

The 5 Best Cash Back Credit Cards • Apply Online • Benzinga

Cash back credit cards reward you in a way that you can easily understand: dollars and cents. Unlike other cards that offer discounts on certain purchases or redeemable points, cash back cards reward you with real money that you can use for, well, anything. Many credit cards offer cash back, so finding the right card can be a time consuming task. Don't worry, Benzinga did the research for you. Find your match today with our list of the best cash back credit cards. Best cash back credit cards Not all cash back credit cards are created equal. Some cards offer…

This is how much you really need to spend on your credit card to get the best credit score

If you are trying to optimize your spending for get a better credit score, it is important to look at a magic number called your credit utilization rateYour credit utilization percentage (also known as your credit utilization ratio or CUR) is the amount of credit you are using compared to the available credit amount. So if you have $ 800 credit card credit and you have a $ 2000 credit card limit, your CUR is 40%:($ 800 / $ 2,000 = 0.4 x 100 = 40%)Experts generally recommend keeping your occupancy rate below 30% (depending on the scoring system used),…

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