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Climate threats could mean big jumps in insurance costs this year

Previous attempts to increase flood insurance rates have been delayed or reversed in the face of public pressureIn 2012, Congress passed a law that would have brought rates in line with the people were faced with full riskTwo years later, lawmakers withdrew and replaced those changes more modest increasesFEMA's new flood insurance system has raised similar concerns. The new rates were initially intended come into effect last October, but members of Congress warned FEMA about the effect that increases would have on their voters. The Trump administration delayed the new tariffs until this year, partly concerned that raising premiums shortly…

Some insurance tips for people with winter storm damage

Many East Texans are now trying to figure out how to navigate their insurance to get help cleaning up storm damage to their properties.For those of us who attended the event, we were exposed to freezing rain, sleet, ice and snow, along with record-breaking low temperatures. Much of East Texas fell below freezing on Saturday afternoon and was thrown in the freezer for the next five days. Homes in this part of East Texas are not built to withstand extreme temperatures like we've experienced. Many pipes and water pipes also burst through East Texas creating a stressful situation for homeowners.…

Best Cheap Car Insurance in Midland | Bank interest

The Texas Department of Transportation database shows they were there 2,659 Vehicle Accidents Reported in Midland, Texas in 2020. Finding the Best Midland Auto Insurance is vital to protecting yourself financially in the event of an accident.All states require auto insurance. Getting caught driving without insurance in Texas can cost you up to $ 350 fines plus legal costs. The best cheap car insurance in Midland can cost you less for a year of coverage than the fine and court costs you would pay if you were detained without insurance. We have found that the average auto insurance rates for…

Controversial bill for home insurance and others go beyond the committee

Today, three Senate bills have been reported "favorably" by the Florida Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance and will go through the legislative process. The most controversial of the three was Senate Bill (SB) 76, a law related to home insurance. Commission chair of the state senator Jim Boyd presented the bill, he said, to cut homeowners' insurance premiums. Opponents say the bill limits homeowners' ability to recover attorney fees if they are successful in a claim against an insurance company in property insurance disputes and limits how much an insurer will be reimbursed for roof damage after a storm.…

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