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Mosaic presents SwiftLink industry’s simplest credit application for home improvement projects and residential solar installation

OAKLAND, California., November 10, 2020 / PRNewswire / - Mosaic, a leading platform providing financing solutions for U.S. residential solar and energy-efficient home improvement projects, today announced the availability of SwiftLink, a shareable, customizable URL that allows residential contractors and solar installers to easily distribute credit application forms to customers without logging into a separate portal. Homeowners can now easily click on their contractor-specific SwiftLink URL using any smart mobile device, fill out a single screen credit application form that requires only three customer financial details, and receive a credit decision in seconds. Available for PowerSwitch ZERO solar loan and…

Former postal workers of 11 individuals accused of conspiring to steal credit cards from the postal service

CHICAGO - Former US Postal Service employees are one of 11 individuals accused of conspiring to steal credit cards and other financial instruments from the mail. Law enforcement uncovered the 18-month conspiracy through a federal investigation called Operation Cash on Delivery. The former USPS employees, who at the time worked as a mail carrier in the Chicago area, stole credit cards and other financial instruments from the mail and provided them to others in exchange for cash or other items, according to a 20-count indictment Thursday. is not sealed. in federal court in Chicago. Two of the defendants illegally obtained…

What Is Student Loan Refinancing?

Student loan refinancing is taking out a private student loan to pay back an existing student loan (private or federal). Most people refinance their student loans to merge multiple loans into a single debt, pay a lower interest rate, or pay lower monthly payments. What You Should Know: Unlike mortgage refinancing, student loan refinancing is usually free - many private student loans don't charge additional fees, such as application or start-up fees. Refinancing a private loan means that you exchange an old loan for a new one with new terms and conditions. On the other hand, refinancing a federal student…

How to Check and Reload Your Amazon Credit Balance

You can check your Amazon credit balance quickly and easily with your computer.Your Amazon credit can be used to make purchases, instead of directly with a credit or debit card.Your credit can be topped up at any time by going to the "Gift Cards" section of your Amazon account.Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories. Amazon is arguably the most popular online shopping website today and people all over the world use it to make purchases and sell their own goods. As with traditional brick-and-mortar stores, Amazon also offers store credit in the form of a so-called Gift Card…

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