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Prized Safeco awards presented to Gamaliel Chavez of Security Service Insurance for the second consecutive year

SAN ANTONIO, TX (December 7, 2020) Gamaliel Chavez of Security Service Insurance is one of only 150 Safeco insurance agents nationwide to receive the Award of Distinction. Chavez is recognized for his work as an insurance agent to identify and deliver policies that meet customer needs in a professional and insightful manner.The Award of Distinction is presented to less than one percent of Safeco producers across the country. Gamaliel Chavez is one of the few to have earned this honor in both 2019 and 2020."The security agency is one of the most important credit unions in the country because of…

Market size, share, key players and global forecast for agricultural insurance to 2025 | PICC, Zurich (RCIS), Chubb, QBE, China United Property Insurance, American Financial Group – The Courier

It's global Agricultural insurance Market study report 2021 is about a tactical optimization of the business approaches. The industry analyzed focuses on the important theories related to market development, the agricultural insurance development program and focus on the substantial strategies. The agricultural insurance report also provides an in-depth assessment regarding the upcoming technologies relevant to the past and current market situation of this agricultural insurance market. In this chapter feature, our specialists analyzed the conditions, production statistics, regional evaluation, productivity build-up, major types and respective end users that apply to the Agricultural Insurance market report. The agricultural insurance research report…

Car insurance without fail silences victims of car accidents and lowers benefits

Have several provinces in Canada has replaced traditional error-based auto insurance with a "no-fault" system, while others - especially Alberta and British Columbia - are ready to do that soon. However, what has not been clearly explained to drivers is that a no-fault system severely restricts their right to be heard in court while reducing the benefits that will be paid to most of them in the event of a car accident. The right to have your complaints resolved by an impartial party has arisen in medieval England when the courts, which had mainly heard criminal cases, agreed to also…

Press Release: New data suggests coronavirus windfall for Texas auto insurance companies

Blog / June 23, 2020 Parts Tweet E-mail For immediate release: June 23, 2020 The Texas Department of Insurance must take action to ensure that Texans are not overcharged AUSTIN, Texas - Six leading consumer advocacy organizations have come together today to call on the Texas Department of Insurance to take action to ensure families in Texas don't pay outrageous auto insurance during the COVID-19 crisis. Texas Appleseed TexPIRG Texas watch Consumer Federation of America Center for Economic Justice, and Any Texan encouraged the department to carry out a comprehensive review of car tariffs and to use the existing legal…

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