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UK Regulatory Notice: Form 8.3 – Alternative Credit Investments plc

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE FORM 8.3 PUBLIC OPENING POSITION DISCLOSURE / DEALING WITH DISCLOSURE BY A PERSON WITH INTERESTS IN RELEVANT SECURITIES REPRESENTING 1% OR MORE Rule 8.3 of the Takeover Code (the “Code”) 1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION (a) Full name of the discloser: Millennium International Management LP (b) Owner or manager of disclosed interests and short positions, if different from 1 (a): Naming nominees or car companies is insufficient. For a trust, the trustee (s), settlor, and beneficiaries must be named. (c) Name of the bidder / goal judge with regard to whose relevant securities this form relates: Use a separate form…

Siouxland Federal Credit Union installs new ITMs at its South Sioux City facility

Joel Steenhoven, president of the Siouxland Federal Credit Union, right, waves to the counter Alondra Lemus-Magana as he demonstrates a new interactive ATM in a driveway Dec. 31 at the South Sioux City branch of the credit union. The kiosks allow customers to speak via video conferencing to tellers in the building. To the left is Mike LaCroix, the credit union's vice president of marketing. Teller Yazmin Perez is shown on a video screen of an interactive ATM on Dec. 31 at the Siouxland Federal Credit Union in South Sioux City. SOUTH SIOUX CITY - Move over, traditional ATMs.The Siouxland…

Universal Credit Advisor Says Families ‘Can’t Pay Basics’

A Universal Credit advisor at the forefront of the "drastic" rise in plaintiffs has spoken out about her experiences of the difficulties facing families. Show the latest figures London has seen more than half a million new plaintiffs since March 2020 and more than 350,000 plaintiffs are 'on the job'. According to Citizen's advice, their Universal Credit web pages have been viewed once every ten seconds since March. Keri Cooper is the advisory manager at the Citizens Advice office in Southwark and said they have seen a spike in people seeking benefits for the first time. Sign up to our…

The number of errors in credit reporting has increased enormously in the past year. Here’s how to find a bug that could cost you money.

The pandemic has affected almost every part of everyday life. Your creditworthiness could be next.According to data from Consumer reports and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, complaints about credit reporting errors more than doubled in 2020 compared to the previous year, filing highest compliant with the CFPB.Your credit report is crucial in your financial life. It determines everything from how much you pay in interest on a loan to whether or not you can buy a home. If your creditworthiness is a grade, a credit report is like a report card, showing all the grades you have achieved.Check your credit…

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