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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is aiming for Equifax and credit score

"Also a good time to note that in the aftermath of the Equifax scandal, privatized credit scoring is a dice game and the credit scoring system is also very broken," she said Saturday on Twitter.Ocasio-Cortez responded another Twitter user who said it took him decades to recover his credit, which was scored in the low 400, or what another credit rating agency, Experian, defines as a "very poor" rating.Ocasio-Cortez itself has been the target of unsubstantiated claims that she has low credit, a rumor Snopes in an apparent attempt to damage her credibility as a new member of the House…

Credit Union reports data breach

DOUGLAS (WNE) - Reliant Federal Credit Union announced a data breach in letters sent to customers on Feb. 1.The Wyoming credit union has offices in Casper, Douglas, Glenrock and Cody.According to the announcement, the breach took place in the credit union's systems sometime between March and June last year. The incident did not involve Reliant's major banking systems, officials said."We have no reason to believe that your personal information has been misused for fraud or identity theft, or that your personal information has actually been viewed or obtained by an unauthorized party," said credit union officials.However, in the letter, they…

Best Balance Transfer Strategies to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt in 2021

Best Balance Transfer Strategies for 2021 | Money Mortgages Insurance Credit cards and credit cards Loans Investing and banking Shopping Subscribe this link points to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

Maryland Senate Approves Immigrant Tax Credit

The Maryland Senate voted Friday to extend a state tax credit for low-income workers to include immigrants, including those who live in the country illegally, who work in the state, and pay taxes in a measure that contributes to a this week, a broader initiative has already been taken to help with pandemics. The move, now going to the House of Representatives, is a follow-up to more than $ 1 billion in relief passed last week with bipartisan and signed by Governor Larry Hogan on Monday. The House added the provisions last week but withdrew them over opposition from the…

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