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Credit Score Myths Debunked

"Financial literacy is more important than ever," said Barry Choi “It's an important skill to have, especially to help manage the financial stress from the pandemic. The credit score, in particular, has been a top priority for many Canadians from coast to coast to coast - including my readers. however, common misconceptions about what it does to your overall financial picture. As we mark Financial Literacy Month, I want to provide Canadians with fact-based information to help them make more informed decisions about their financial health. ” In his last creditworthiness guide Barry explains that unlike your budget and expenses…

Shawn Sharma on How Credit Card Arbitration Can Turn Poverty into Immense Wealth – Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / Feb 16, 2021 / Emerging entrepreneurs are everywhere, especially since the rise of social media. However, those who really put themselves on the map know that the key to longevity is the primary goal of providing value to others. Many wannabe entrepreneurs have big ideas for chasing the American dream, gaining over-the-top wealth, and providing a better life for their loved ones. Most inspiring are the stories of those titans of the industry who braved the most intimidating opportunities and climbed to the top of their game to see those goals become a reality.…

House approves $ 3,000 child tax credit for 2021

President Biden's $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic and boost the economy is gaining momentum. Democrats in the House have legislated for the stimulus plan, and that bill has just passed through the lower house on a partisan basis. One provision in the plan would, for one year, extend the child discount and make it fully refundable.Currently, the child tax credit is worth $ 2,000 per child under 17 you claim as a dependent who has a Social Security number. To be eligible, the child must be your family and generally live with you for…

Don’t hurt your bank account because of money myths when it comes to credit cards

CHICAGO (WLS) - Are you making the right choice when it comes to choosing and using a credit card - or money in general? The I-Team is exposing "money myths," according to a recent survey by Lending treeMyth number 1:Almost half (45%) of Americans believe that having a balance on your credit card will improve your credit! The truth is, it has the potential to harm it!Myth number 2:Thirty percent of people thought it was bad to use a credit card and that it was better to pay with cash or a debit card. However, there is nothing wrong with…

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