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With Experian Boost, you can now add on-time streaming payments to boost your credit score

Update October 28: With Experian Boost ™ you can now improve your credit score with on-time HBO ™, Hulu ™, Disney + ™ and Starz bill payments.Starting today, July 27, consumers can now include their current Netflix® payment history in their Experian Boost accounts, which can help improve their credit scores.“We know consumers are watching more television, and we also know that many consumers are also cutting cable and switching to streaming services, so now is the right time for us to include a service like this,” said Jeff Softley, president from D2C. Experian Consumer Services, explains CNBC Select.Experian Boost…

Credit card fees are spreading to healthcare

Parts Tweet Parts Parts Parts E-mailWith 45 states allowing merchants to pass on fees of up to 4 percent for using credit cards, the switch to so-called "surcharges" has officially entered moving status. According to Payroc's VP of Operations Evan O'BrienOnce more and more informed merchants and consumers have the conversation about these costs, they never look back."SMBs are tired of paying for everyone's free airline miles or free nights in hotel rooms," O'Brien said in a recent interview with PYMNTS. "So [surcharging] gives both the trader and the consumer the opportunity to choose their own lot. "Since Payroc RewardPay…

Credit bureau Equifax says 96% of all accounts that were previously with mortgage deferment are now up to date

Credit bureau Equifax says 96% of all accounts that were previously with mortgage deferment are now up to date December 4, 20, 9:44 am Credit agency Equifax has released its most recent report providing insights into consumer credit demand in New Zealand for November. Equifax says the main features of the report are; Consumer credit demand continues to grow across all portfolios. Demand for mortgages remains strongest of all portfolios, well above the pre-COVID level. Demand for commercial credit is consistently back to 2019 levels. Overall past payment arrears remain well below pre-COVID levels. Credit card payment delays have increased…

Home equity is on the rise – if you’re tempted to borrow against your home, read this first

Home equity is booming. Do you have to borrow against your house? Money Mortgages Insurance Credit cards and credit cards Loans Investing and banking Shopping Subscribe this link points to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

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