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72% of Americans saw their credit drop after missing a buy now, pay later – Tearsheet

Buy now, pay later is increasing popular payment choice for Gen Z and millennials. Klarna has doubled its user base to 15 million Americans over a year. More Americans are using point of sale financing to buy things they would have previously put on credit cards. But they probably also buy things they cannot afford. More than 40% of Americans have now made a purchase, later pay a payment offered by fintechs such as Affirm, Afterpay and Klarna, according to a questionnaire by Credit Karma and Qualtrics. This content is available exclusively to members of Tearsheet Outlier. Do you miss…

Student loan payments are suspended. Here’s how to make the most of it

Millions of student loan borrowers received a welcome reprieve last month when President Joe Biden extended the suspension of payments and interest on federal student loans until Sept. 30.Jill Biden calls for free access to community college for COVID-19 economic recoveryThe payment freeze, which has been in effect since March, was set to end on January 31. That has given more than 20 million borrowers a break from paying student loans, while interest rates have remained at 0%.The suspension of payments, known as forbearance, has brought much-needed relief to those torn between staying on top of their student loan or…

Youngest and oldest consumers most vulnerable to cybercrime: LexisNexis | Credit Union Times

Source: Shutterstock According to LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the mass of new online users that emerged as a result of the pandemic's stay-at-home orders created new opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers, especially those under 25 and 75 years of age. The company's latest biennial Cybercrime report, covering July 2020 through December 2020, revealed that people under the age of 25 were most susceptible to fraud attacks, while the group over 75 - the second most susceptible - lost the most money to fraud. The high vulnerability of the youngest consumers can be attributed to the fact that…

How much impact a difficult research has on your credit score

According to Credit Karma, a difficult examination can lower your credit score by a few points. FICO adds that for most people, a credit survey will return "less than five points of their credit score." Hard questions remain on your credit report for more than two years, but as time goes on, they affect your score less and less, Experian says. Most credit score models place more weight on on-time payment history and credit utilization ratios than hard questions.

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