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Nobody likes the credit union debt plan

Not surprisingly, bankers are vigorously opposed to a proposed regulation that would increase credit unions' access to subordinated debt. The twist is that credit unions aren't crazy about the idea either.Credit unions already enjoy exemption from federal and state income tax, so a plan by the National Credit Union Administration allowing more of them to tap into investor capital has left banks in the red. Bankers fear that access to subordinated debt would spur the already rapid growth of major credit unions - and give them more resources to take over banks. More than 75% of the 169 comment letters…

When will my credit card be charged annually?

Lots of the top earning rewards credit cards annual fees, which is an important factor to consider both before and after the application.When you first open a credit card with an annual fee, you'll want to know when to expect the first fee so you can set aside money for the charge (which can be over $ 500). And after your freshman year, you'll want to know when to expect your recurring annual fee to hit your account, so if you ever decide it is not worth ityou can decide in time what to do.A lot goes into this decision.…

Do you want to take out a loan? Take these 4 important steps to improve your credit

Credit score is one of the first filters that lenders take into account to assess creditworthiness while evaluating a credit application.Your creditworthiness mainly depends on two factors: your ability to get the loan approved and your ability to meet the repayment obligation regularly after payment without endangering your financial health.Here are four steps to increase your financial preparations for taking out a loan:View your credit scoreCredit score is one of the first filters that lenders take into account to assess creditworthiness while evaluating a credit application. Since lenders view credit scores of 750 and above as `` good, '' those…

The best purchases you should always make with a credit card

VioletaStoimenova / Getty Images / iStockphotoSome financial advisers suggest that consumers should never buy anything with a credit card and should only use cash for their purchases. The philosophy behind this advice has some merit; After all, credit cards are notorious for charging double-digit interest rates, and this can put irresponsible borrowers into a deep financial hole.Exclusive: Americans' savings are falling to its lowest point in yearsHowever, for those who pay off their balances in full each month and can use credit responsibly, there are a whole host of benefits that can come from using a credit card properly. In…

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